Five years ago on Rays Index the Rays unveiled their plans for a new waterfront stadium and also announced the signing of Troy Percival. Overall, not the most productive day in franchise history.

The Rays Officially Unveil Plans For New Stadium On St. Pete Waterfront [Rays Index]
Rays Agree To Contract With Free Agent Troy Percival [Rays Index]





  1. Dave L says:

    Percy wasn't that bad.....

    All this talk about blockbuster ( for the Rays anyway) trades are nice navel gazing excercises but now is when the reality of Rays life gets interesting.

    Our roster offensive upgrade may lie in the ongoing crop of non tendered guys who didnt play to thier compensation level and thus come at a reduced rate. Like maybe Reynolds at first base for around $5 mil? Maybe thats too low for what he will command. Id prefer an AL East guy over some NL Rockies hitter with inflated stats

    Since we tendered Roberts at over $2 mil I think its safe to say he will get a shot at being the most days starter at 2nd. I'd like to see a return of Luke at a cheaper rate and platoon him at first and DH with Kepp with Kepp getting some time at second as well.

    I am just dealing in the land of the probable here sorry if im setting the bar so low

    I expect HJ Lee to get added to the 40 man sometime before the next AS break if strictly as a late game defensive stopper at short, but hopefully his hitting will develop and he can replace the hapless Briggy and EJ

  2. don says:

    How many more years than 5 would it take for Stuie to go broke IF they would have built an open air stadium in downtown St. Petersburg...the "Wall Street Boys plan".... thank your lucky stars stuie the voters of St. Petersburg saved you....
    Now.... about this move to need help....


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