The Dodgers were considered by some to be a favorite to land James Shields if the Rays decided to trade their co-Ace. But according to Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times, the Dodgers are now “unlikely” to trade for a starting pitcher.

Just last week we heard that James Shields was the Dodgers “#1 target.” However, Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti changed his tune after speaking with “other teams” at the general managers’ meeting, which began yesterday.

And if you want to read between the lines, it is easy to envision a two-minute conversation that likely occurred yesterday between Colletti and Andrew Friedman

[Colletti sits down at the bar next to Friedman and the two exchange pleasantries]

Colletti: Soooo, is Shields available?

Friedman: [without taking his eyes off his blackberry] Everybody has a price.

Colletti:What are you guys looking for?

Friedman: [turns to look at Colletti and holds the stare for 2-3 seconds. He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper that he places on the bar and then slides towards Colletti]

Colletti: [picks up the paper and unfolds it. His eyes open just a little wider as he tries to hide the gulp in his throat. He puts the paper back down on the bar, slowly stands up, and pats Friedman on the back.] I…ummm…I got this thing. [walks out the door]

Friedman: [Now back staring at his blackberry, nods his head]



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