Bob Nightengale of is reporting (via Twitter) that BJ Upton has agreed to a 5-year, $75.25 million contract. The deal is pending a physical.

So that 5-year, $75.0 million contract I predicted back in September? My bad.



  1. Joe D. says:

    I'd say you were pretty damn close, props!


    I've been a Braves fan since 1955. I'm sorry to see them sign BJ. Go Rays!

  3. Dave L says:

    Congrats to BJ. Braves seem like as good a fit as team could be. Spacious centerfield to glide around, facing NL pitching and a relatively low profile franchise with a fan base and local media not know for thier cannabalism.

    If they look at his last 5 years, and that is thier expectations for the next 5 then they will be happy.

    The only reasonable disappointment for a guy who didnt miss more than 10 games a year, could come through injury.

  4. J 2.0 says:

    Mike Fontenot to replace Keppinger.

  5. CC says:

    Not to bad. Almost $100,000 per game. Must be nice to wake up in the morning knowing that. Good Luck BJ!

  6. don says:

    Don't know much about Braves coaching (hitting), but if they do have someone who can help BJ with his hitting stroke,headposition, ability to follow the ball ( the Rays couldn't), he could turn into a .275-.280 hitter with some power and speed, probably worth the money BUT if he continues to hit .240 lead the league in strike outs 150+ a yr. they are very welcome to him, at least I don't have to watch that mess all summer, there are plenty of .200 hitters on the team now...

  7. Gus says:

    Nice call Cork. Good for Bossman.

    But personally, I'm kind of relieved I don't have to suffer through his at bats any more. He was just one of those guys I never looked forward to his turn in the line-up, he felt un-clutch to me (I know clutchiness is a myth, but still) and he just struck out so often with that long swing.

  8. Andrew says:

    I hope he gets Crawforditis.

  9. Beazy says:

    ** I think he knew he was going to Atlanta the whole time, i.e. the Deon dance after his walk-off Sept. 20th against the Sox(?)! **
    Does anyone else think this has any merit???

    • don says:

      Atlanta is a much better fit for BJ upton,much calmer sports mentality, don't think Upton and Philly Fan get along.....before trouble in paradise...


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