Derek Shelton

Many (myself included) believe that the hitting coach in Major League Baseball is one of the most overrated coaching jobs in sports. And if that is true, what would that make an assistant hitting coach? Well, we may soon find out (via…

Rays officials are giving serious consideration to joining the growing number of teams that have hired a second, or assistant, hitting coach…”We’ve had a lot of conversations about it since the end of the season and are continuing to discuss it,” executive VP Andrew Friedman said Friday.

Hitting coaches are not going to turn a bad hitter into Miguel Cabrera. And they aren’t going to keep a good player from slumping.

The issue here is a matter of information, and the growing amount of it available to teams. So in the end, we are probably talking about a “coach” whose main function will be digging through and organizing the information so that Derek Shelton won’t have to.




  1. Greg says:

    Is a hitting coach even busy enough to need an assistant? I know they have video guys that edit together ABs for the players, so this seems more than a little excessive. During the Cardinals-Giants game the other night, I heard the announcers discussing how some teams use separate righty and lefty hitting coaches. If that's what we're up to, I wonder which one they consider Shelton to be good with?

  2. don says:

    Lee Trivino (golf) once said a golf lesson with a coach should last 5 min., he should be able to tell the player what he is doing wrong, now go work on it....
    What if the baseball coach (Sheldon) doesn't know what the player is doing wrong (as his work at Cleveland and Tampabay would indicate)...maybe He should be the Assistant..?

  3. Raysfan137 says:

    Regardless of what they're up to, it's the first active sign that the Rays realize the current formula (Shelton) is not working in its current state.

    Theory: They have to pay him for another year regardless. And it's not like a coach takes a 40 man roster slot. Keep him around, but groom his replacement (Ozzie Timmons ?).


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