Playing A Little Pepper

Tonight is weird. The Rays are eliminated. What are we supposed to do?

Since the start of the 2008 season, the Rays have played 833 games (including the postseason). Tonight will be just the 12th game in which the team will be playing without any hopes for the playoffs (last 11 games in ’09). That is a pretty good run. So yeah, I am not really sure how to approach this game. I guess just grab a beer, kick the legs up and just enjoy our favorite baseball team…STAND UP AND CLAP

Game Graph

[Will be up at game time]

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  1. Flash Jennings, LF
  2. BJ Upton, CF
  3. Ben Zobrist, SS
  4. Evan Longoria, 3B
  5. Jeff Keppinger, 1B
  6. Matt Joyce, RF
  7. Ryan Roberts, 2B
  8. Luke Scott, DH
  9. Chris Giminez, C
  10. James Shields, SP

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  1. Dave L says:

    Now is the time where we watch the remaining two games with an empty feeling.

    At least its only two.

    After that its watch the Upton sweepstakes where we just get some minor compensation? or nothing?

    Then the Sheilds what will we get for him? Do we pay him? Probably goes.

    Then the trade our "excess" young arms and bring in some quality bats chatter rises to vuvuzella like pitch (never gonna happen however)

    Finally we bring in the castoffs and C grade free agents.

    And the cycle starts anew.

    Who's locked up?

    Kepp, Rodney gone right? Maybe we can keep Kepp I read his value may be within our miserly reach. Rodney no way.

    • KT says:

      Didn't we sign Rodney to a two way deal? Don't be so bleak, it's been good for a few years and there is hope that it can be good for a few more.

      • Tom says:

        Ray's have a 2.5M option on Rodney in 2013. They have 20M coming off the books with Scott, Pena, and BJ most likely leaving but they have about 8M in raises due to Shields, Zobrist, Longoria, and Davis plus Price's big payday in arbitration (All info from Cot's Contracts). I do not see them having a ton of $$$ to spend in free agency, hopefully, they can get a decent position player from their pitching depth.

  2. don says:

    Maddon should have "rested" Zobrist, Keppinger, Longoria, like he does many times during the Season, instead of getting them hurt in meaningless games and Maybe the Red Sux could beat the Yankees and Cookies win the division, but that thought is over Maddons head, hope longo doesn't get hurt..... next season starts in 6mos...longo is a slow healer

  3. KT says:

    Orioles had nothing to play for at the end of last season except pride. And that seemed to work pretty well for them. I say we give them our all, finish the season strong and confident.

    90 wins is nothing to be ashamed of, and it will rub it in the faces of all to see that the system is a little skewed; that a 90 win team misses out and a 85 win team like the Tigers gets a division title. It's a travesty if you ask me.

  4. s says:

    lets see....

    same hitting philosophy,
    same hitting coach,
    we had a historic and probably unrepeatable effort from our pitchers,

    so why will next year be anymore promising? pitching alone will only get us so far. how long before we realize this.

    we put all of our eggs in one basket, and the pitching staff produced in spades and yet we couldn't even make the expanded playoffs.

    and who would have thunk it, BJ Upton has a career year during a contract year. wow, it's amazing what a motivated BJ can do. i truly feel sorry for whoever is stupid enough to lock him into a long term deal. his numbers will fall drastically with a huge contract and no motivations. watch.

    • Tom says:

      On the positive side, they have 4 position players who are likely to come back and get plenty of playing time: Zobrist,Longo, Jennings, and Joyce. 3 of those players are a good bet to be more productive in 2013 than they were in 2012.

      In addition Pena and Scott will not be back and whoever replaces them will most likely be more productive (This of course is offset somewhat by losing Upton and possibly Keppinger).

      The team also has pitching depth they can use to improve the hitting and they have had success trading starters in the past (Jackson, Kazmir, Garza) when they find a deal thy like. It seems like it is always Doom and Gloom with the Rays and they always find a way to win 90 games.

      • s says:

        success trading starters? in success you mean dumping salaries? please name all the great players we got in return for those starters.

        without hitting, we have reached our ceiling. we had a miracle year on the rubber and still didn't make an expanded playoff. you say that 3 of our position players will have better years, so whats to say that 3 of our pitchers won't have worse years.

        nobody wants to pay hard earned money to see the crap that we saw last night. what a shame that james shields put out that kind of effort and yet came away with a loss. is our hitting philosophy flawed? you bet.

        yet the FO and maddon will prove us all wrong. bahaha. the reason we win 90 games isn't due to their decisions, it's due to having one hell of a pitching staff. the most valuable person on our staff is hickey. i'd rather see maddon or friedman walk than hickey.

        • Tom says:

          No great players, but we certainly received useful players who helped us make the playoffs in 2011 like Sean Rod, Joyce, and Fuld. In addition we have prospects like Guyer, Lee, Chirinos, and Archer. Hopefully AF can trade one of our SP and get a decent hitter such as Kendry Morales and maybe a prospect.

          As far as saying whether or not 3 pitcher's will have worse years, I cannot say that will not happen and in fact it probably will. Most likely next year the hitting will be better and the pitching will be worse due to the theory there is no place to go but up for the hitting and down for the pitching.

          Who know perhaps the past half-decade of winning ends in 2012 and we turn into cellar dwellers again. I personally would not bet on that.

          • s says:

            so we've traded starting pitchers for utility players that wouldn't start for 95% of MLB teams and you consider that a success? matt joyce is the only quality players we've gotten, the rest are scrubs or unproven prospects, that's hardly a success.

            you say that hitting will be better next year, yet 3 of our top 5 run producers won't be back. don't bet on that.

  5. smc says:

    How about bringing up Triple A manager Charlie Montoyo in some capacity. He has done a heck of a lot with most of the players now in Tampa. If the Rays lose Martinez off the bench to another team as Manager or something else, he would be the perfect candidate to replace him or anyone at the big league level.

  6. Kelley says:

    I'm so used to constantly checking the Orioles, Angels, A's, etc., to make sure they're all losing and we're winning. It's weird to just watch the Rays and know the game doesn't matter for the postseason. It's sad but I'm so proud of our team for finishing strong and not just giving up 2 weeks ago when it looked bad. Already counting down to Apr. 2, 2013!


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