For that handful of Rays fans still holding out hopeBJ Upton will return to the Rays, one thing they like to point out is that there are a number of center fielders that will be available this winter which could lessen the demand for Bossman. Of course, some of those teams that stand to lose a center fielder, will also need a replacement.

One such team is the Texas Rangers. And Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News is convinced Upton is one player the Rangers will be looking at to replace Josh Hamilton. And he might be the best option available…

I think there is some concern…about just how good a fit B.J. would be as a replacement for Hamilton. He’s certainly not going to provide the same power and his OBP is about 30 points lower and he’s a right-handed hitter which would cause real issues with lineup balance. But I think B.J. is for sure one of the options the Rangers will at least discuss this winter along with Michael Bourn (probably too expensive) and Jacoby Ellsbury (possibly not durable enough).

So the Rangers might replace a player the Rays drafted with the #1 overall pick with another first-round pick of the Rays (#2 overall). In four years, maybe they’ll take Evan Longoria (#3 overall) to complete the trifecta.




  1. Don says:

    Yea…see if Texas will give us back OUR josh Hamilton, that our great AF gave away for nothing.. and lets see which has the best next 5 years
    ..I’ll bet you anything you want..

    • JuniorBarnes says:

      Man, you’e clueless arent you? The Rangers took him from the Reds. In 2007, your beloved Chuck Lamar left Josh off the Roster after drug relapses and a few years out of baseball alltogether. Freedman and Steinberg came in AFTER the 2007 season. So the then Devil Rays gave up on a drug addict with one and a half feet in his grave, who latter cleaned up and in 2009 became the beast Lou Pinella and Chuck lamar thought he’d be.

  2. don says:

    For old baseball man Nolan Ryan thats picking the pockets of the New boys….Friedman & Stuie…. and Texas was broke at one time and Stuie still makes money every day in the Stock Market but unwilling to part with any of it….

    • Tom says:

      The Rangers got Hamilton from the Reds not the Rays.

      • Dave L says:

        he never allows history, facts or reality to get in the way of a good anti-rays troll job

      • don says:

        WHo Said the Rangers got Hamilton from the Rays..I said…with Upton the Rangers end up with all the Rays players as cork alluded to with their original draft positions
        Nolan Ryan ends up with the players Stuie drafted..who then ends up with Squat….get it…? and as far as Upton replacing Hamilton..not in this lifetime…maybe to fill a empty position….not in production/value..

        • Tom says:

          Please explain Don “with Upton the Rangers end up with all the Rays player” If they sign Upton do they get Longoria and Price too? I am pretty sure if they sign Upton they only get Upton.

          “for old baseball man Nolan Ryan thats picking the pocket of the new boys .. Friedman & Stuie” When did this happen? When did Ryan pick their pocket? Are you saying when they sign Upton they will have picked the Rays pocket?

          • don says:

            Ok, Tom please try to take a premise “Rangers might take Upton to “replace” Hamilton (as alluded to by cork) Now they already have Hamilton a #1 Choice of the Rays and in a couple of years (with their deep pocket spending) they could go after Longoria/Price(as mentioned by cork)….IF that actually happens then N Ryan ends up with all of The Rays Top Picks, what do you call it?…. Now can you go with the offseason “story”?

  3. Tom says:

    I get it. So what you are saying is if the rangers sign Upton, Price, and Longo then Old Baseball man Nolan Ryan will have picked the pockets of the new boys Stuie and Friedman.

    Is this kind of like how the Bosox picked their pockets when they signed Crawford?

  4. Dave L says:

    How is Nolan & Co smarter than AF & Co?

    They take a WS team and spend a gazillion dollars in the off season which they have but we dont and then get bounced in the WC game.

    We spend usually pennies in off season and go from WC team to one game less won than the Rangers.

    I still dont see how getting Hamilton from the Reds, who was basically as clean as Matt Bush when he was with us is picking new boys pockets? The Reds are the new boys?

    Ah so then if he signs all our other picks in the future….

    Don your attempts to constantly criticize every person associated with the organization who isn’t Zobrist lead you to some idiotic arguments which are based on bad logic and false history.

    When you try to back them up it gets worse. Quit making a fool of yourself.

    • don says:

      Dear Dave your constant efforts to support one bad decision after another by management,owners & coaches of the “local” baseball team boarders on: Look at me I’m I real Fan, I will support their decisions no matter what, I live in Tampabay and I like looking stupid…My advice… stay here because any other “baseball” town you and Maddon would have to leave on the same bus…

      • Dave L says:

        Unfortunately for you Don, you dont understand baseball.

        If a GM or manager makes a move that fails 1 out of 7 times you can point out that failure and hang your hat on it that you are smarter than them in hindsight.

        In truth baseball is a game where failure rules so harping on every little thing that doesnt go as hoped makes you seem smart and superior in your own little mind but petty and childish in the minds of most here who read your weak criticisms.

        The bandwagon to run Maddon and AF out of town is an empty one. You may be the driver but look behind you and there is nothing but fetid hay in that wagon and a couple of lame mules in the yoke to drag you to your miserable land of the negative.

        Go post in a Rangers, Yanks, Sox, etc… forum telling everyone you are really a Rays fan but can’t wait to rid Tampa Bay area of your incompetant manager and GM.

        The knowledgable fans of our more monied oppostion will laugh at your ignorance and tell you that with your cheap poor franchise you are lucky to have them running the show.

        In less Rays friendly forums your petty whinings will be even more comical and mocked even greater than I can ever do.

        Maddon and AF make mistakes as all do but thier goal is to keep us relavent every Sept and hope we break through. Not go for broke and mortgage the future and they have succeeded in that.

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