I’ll be honest, I don’t know that much about Joe Philbin, the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Ian Eagle does, and he has a comparison that sports fans in Florida might find interesting (via Sun-Sentinel.com)…

The Dolphins have clearly exceeded expectations through six games. Joe Philbin is like the Joe Maddon of football, a highly principled man and an excellent teacher.

On the surface I want to be skeptical of this comment. Much like how every low-payroll team in baseball that suddenly wins a few games is “The Next Tampa Bay Rays,” are we now to the point where we are looking for “The Next Joe Maddon,” even in other sports?

On the one hand it is the ultimate compliment in the copycat world of sports. But let’s face it, the Rays and Maddon are so unique that I can’t imagine we are going to see another of either anytime soon.



  1. don says:

    Can anyone give me an example where Joe Maddon "taught' a player anything, Certainly not Price, shields, Longoria...
    Maybe he taught Pena how to make contact with a base ball, I know he used to call Zobrist a utility player, I know he said Jaso would never make it as a major league player, the bull pen catcher helped him...Maybe it was Gabe Kaplar, he liked him, or Sonnentine, he could have helped him, I'm still trying to think of someone...help me?

  2. Dave L says:

    I think the Maddon way isn't about teaching anything really.

    Its about asking young players of limited skills to do the things they are best at doing while avoiding putting them in situations where thier weaknesses are exposed.

    Thats why we have very few 30+ position players on the roster and why older guys like Sheffield aren't added. The vets we add are guys who have never been 'the man'

    We only sprinkle in older hungry guys who will be willing to play when and where they are told and who buy in to the concept of matchup ball, on offense and defense.

    Only someone who thinks the WS champ is a success and everyone else is a total failure could think the Maddon/Friedman hasn't been successful.

    Football with salary restraints can't compare. I can't comment about the Dolphins and their coach i just dont know enough about them.

  3. Beazy says:

    Every coach wants to learn and exercise "Joemahism"!

  4. cheddar says:

    don - Is there any evidence that you have been 'taught' anything? By anyone?

    Certainly not spelling.

    I would love to know, as I am sure would most of the other readers here, what your experience has been in the world of sports.

    Did you play sports, at any level?

    Have you ever coached, at any level?

    Have you ever officiated, at any level?

    I would like to know. I am being honest here.

    I can tell you, as far as my own personal experience goes, I have done all three of the things mentioned above. Yet, I can't seem to understand why you comment the way you do.

    What makes you so sure about your wisdom and knowledge that you feel the need to express it daily here?

    Are you in the dugout with Joe Madden?

    Are you in the locker room with the team?

    Are you in team meetings?

    Do you know, for a fact, what Joe has 'taught' or not 'taught' anyone on the team (past or present) anything?

    I know you are asking for help. Is that a cry for help?

    Maybe he has 'taught' the players to have fun. To enjoy their chosen profession. They seem like a pretty relaxed team to me.

    Maybe he has taken retreads and throwaways and 'taught' them they still have some talent and skill and can play and compete.

    Maybe he has 'taught' some underrated players that by being creative with a lineup and batting order they can be competitive with the big dollar teams in their division.

    Maybe, at this level of baseball, it is extremely difficult to 'teach' a player anything they don't already know about baseball. After all, they have been playing it most of their lives.

    Is your idea that the Tampa Bay Rays field a team of little leaguers so Joe Madden can 'teach' them how to hit, or field grounders, or shag fly balls?

    As I used to tell all the helpful parents with the plethora of suggestions about the teams I coached.

    "That's a good idea. Practices are at 4:00, I could use some help."

    Inevitably, I would never see the 'dons' of the world again, except in the stands on game day telling me what a great job I was doing.

  5. don says:

    Well Gee coach,I guess I stepped on you coaches toes,but I'm sure your little league team does just fine, I'll tell you a skill you could use...see if you can watch a player and tell if he is making contact, see if he can bunt, sacrifice ect..because many of Maddons players can't.... even at this level, but I know Joe would appreciate your support because as he often says...
    "fans know nothing...." and you seem to share this philosophy and you probably tell them little league mothers everyday...
    please check my spelling

    • cheddar says:

      don - as usual, your spelling sucks and you didn't answer any of the questions.

      I know you think you know it all, but you don't. I have never coached a little league team in my life.

      You offer nothing, but stupidity.

      Thanks for playing.


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