We’ve got fake birds selling dead birds, Rodney upset, and empty seats. We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

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  1. don says:

    I’m going to really miss BJ upton next year after a strike out, complaining then shaking his head on way back to the dug out, then Pena 3mins. later doing the same think….Boy am I going to miss that act…

  2. Bob Arciero says:

    Actually they were showing it because the real Rudy threw out the first pitch promoting his new book.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      OK. But that just means that Rudy was there to play-up the underdog role of the Orioles, which means the clip was also part of that effort. And yes, I know Rudy has has a nephew or cousin in the Orioles system. But the relative is not on the big league roster and he’s been in the system for a couple of years.

  3. Greg Mags says:

    The BJ situation reminds me of how someone acts in an abused relationship. They stay in too often because they remember the few “good times”. BJ has abused us too often, time to let him go and let someone else deal with the unfullfilled potential. Hey, lets trade for his bro….we happen to have a few extra arms and some major hitting issues. Win..win! He can keep BJ’s uni and his stall if he wants!

  4. Rayalan says:

    That last play brought flashbacks of Crawford not making the catch last year in game 162 and losing. Pretty sue had Sam been out there it is in his glove. He can’t be everywhere and his bat did not help either. Matt has been a real disappointment this year. Had hoped he might blossom this year but it just did not happen.

  5. Rayalan says:

    Hope Joyce is not like Navarro. A half year of excellence (Allstar)and settle back into mediocrity or below.

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