Last week we learned that Sean Rodriguez had punched a locker during a verbal confrontation with a teammate on the Durham Bulls. The result was a broken right hand, a trip to the DL, and possibly the end of his season.

And now Marc Topkin has shed some more light on just what happened and who the confrontation was with (a current Rays teammate) and if things are cool now (they are most certainly not). Take it away Marc (…

Sean Rodriguez admitted that the frustration that led him to breaking his right hand at Triple-A Durham was the result of what he considered disrespectful actions by Dane De La Rosa…The two are again teammates with the Rays, with De La Rosa called up Wednesday. Rodriguez said there “definitely” are still issues, but he will be professional about it and not create any disturbances in the clubhouse…”I’m trying to avoid him as much as possible.”

Ahh yes. It all makes perfect sense now. Hot Rod punched a locker and broke his hand because he was disrespected *head hits desk*. Soooo, what did De La Rosa say? He must have called Rodriguez’ mom a whore or something like that, right? I mean, that would probably piss off a lot of guys. And it would be a good reason to still be steaming two weeks later.


Rodriguez would not get into specifics over what led him to punch a locker after the Aug. 26 game, except to say it was how De La Rosa reacted when Rodriguez said something about the song being played in the (winning) clubhouse.

And the hits just keep onnnnnn comin’! So Rodriguez didn’t like the song being played. He said something. And De La Rosa didn’t bow down and respect the opinion of the seasoned Major League veteran and his sense of entitlement.

Go onnnnn…

“How do you disrespect somebody without touching them? You say things or talk in a manner that’s very disrespectful,” Rodriguez said. “In a baseball clubhouse people do that all the time. But when you turn to ask somebody, ‘Are you being serious right now?’ the way someone’s tone is, the way they’re talking to you and they either just smirk or ignore you leads you to believe one or the other, right?

Wait. Let’s see if I am following this correctly: Bulls win game thanks in large part to Rodriguez hitting a home run > Music is being played in the clubhouse > Rodriguez hears it > It is One Direction and not Justin Bieber so Rodriguez gets upset > Rodriguez says something about Directioners being jealous of Beliebers > De La Rosa says something that players say in the clubhouse “all the time” > Rodriguez asks if De La Rosa is serious > De La Rosa ignores Rodriguez, possibly sensing he is upset and not wanting to escalate such an idiotic argument > Rodriguez punches locker.

Oh, well why didn’t he say so in the first place. That seems understandable *head hits desk again*.

But I suppose we can appreciate that things didn’t get worse considering how disrespectful things got. Sean?

“So instead of me normally doing what I normally would have done in the past, which is basically just to go and do a lot of things to him, I tried to exert my energy and frustration elsewhere to try to let it go. Bad job of trying to deal with it.”

Ahhh, Rodriguez, in an effort to pile more maturity on top of the rest of this mature situation wants us to know that he would have totally kicked De La Rosa’s ass. Because he’s totally kicked ass before. Lots of times. Because he is a baddddd man.



  1. Grace says:

    This all sounds worse than any teacher's break room discussion of middle schoolers.

  2. Sarah says:

    Well, at least if he'd punched DDLR rather than the locker he probably wouldn't have broken his hand.

    Sean, I have lost all respect for you. Not only did you do a dumb thing, but your insistence on "explaining" it to the press makes you look even worse. You may have single-handedly prolonged Reid Brignac's major league career.

  3. Dave L says:

    It sounds silly to you ladies I'm sure.

    But punching inanimate objects when we get frustrated is something males just do especially young guys.

    Every young man at some point in his life punches a wall, etc and hurts his hand usually not break it but hurts it.

    And MLB Players have their adolescence extended by 15 years more than the rest of us so this is to be expected from time to time.

    This is the one player on the team who relishes bowling over catchers 3 weight classes above him whenever he gets the chance, so it goes with the territory.

    But I agree with the Briggy lament.

    • Sarah says:

      Sorry, Dave L, but I'm not buying this "you ladies don't understand" argument. Women and men all have work situations that make them want to punch a wall. Grownups of both genders, however, manage to restrain themselves.

      • Dave L says:

        Sarah I am being somewhat sexist you are correct to point that out.

        But grownups restaining themselves?

        If a coworker bursts out of the cubicle or office next to you and grabs a lamp and destroys the water cooler because he lost an account is everybody going to look the other way and never say a word to him about the incident? And does the office stock 2 back up coolers for times like this?

        He's a ballplayer. They are encouraged to destroy things and hopefully not each other.

      • Political Man says:

        Sometimes immature men (can you call them men?) define manhood as some type of bravado. And playing hard, hustling, and giving everything you've got to the game has nothing to do with either IMO.

    • MJ says:

      Sarah, please forgive Dave's use of the word "ladies" but i think you get his point. Don't turn his comment into a sexist remark. He makes some valid points. A lot of these guys are professionals because they believe they are the best of the best and they are alpha males w/ testosterone running rampant etc.

      So its easy to sit behind a computer and criticize someone's behavior (which was foolish and unfortunate, mind you), but im sure being inside Seans head in the moment was much different from what Sean is trying (probably poorly) to communicate and then how someone in turn interprets it and perhaps embellishes aspects of it.

      And yes, quite a break (pun) for Reid. And Elliot for that matter, the way he has been playing lately.

  4. bucyea says:

    Well said Sarah, VERY well said!

  5. Steve says:

    Seems like a perfectly logical reason to punch a locker......

    The fact that he got so upset about it and had to "exert his frustration" makes him look like a 7-year-old.

  6. Tom says:

    Why in the world is he talking about this?

    • Brandon Rays Fan says:

      Well, if that is a real question, the answer is because he is still pissed off and cant let it go for some reason. If that is a rhetorical question, then yes, he should just keep his dumb mouth shut.

    • Dave L says:

      Because to him its a logical explanation because hes a baseball player. He is saying -Look i tried to do the right thing here. My alternative would have ended up with Dane's orbital bone AND my hand being broken so see I'm a good guy. To us in our worlds it may sound childish and immature but thats part of the culture.

  7. angry buddha says:

    No worries. Joe fixes this tomorrow before the game. He's the new Zenmaster... all is well.

  8. slacker775 says:

    Really hate to even begin to speculate - and there definitely aren't results to show it - but could it be a really miniscule incident that was exacerbated via roid rage?

    • Sarah says:

      Honestly, I think it's "I don't want to be riding a frigging minor league bus in Podunksville" rage. If Sean is on steroids, why did he go from being a guy with decent doubles power to one who trickled out the occasional single? Or let's put it this way -- if he's taking PEDs, he's a good poster boy for staying clean.

      • DRR says:

        Not that anyone cares, but for the record I don't see any real way that Durham could be considered a "Podunksville”.

  9. Cork Gaines says:

    Some people are upset with me for writing this piece, so let me take a moment to clarify my position...

    I am not taking sides in this issue, nor am I laying all the blame on Sean Rodriguez. DLR may indeed deserve a good ass-whoopin'. Maybe he really do something that would piss us all off. And maybe this was a lingering issue and DLR does this stuff (whatever "this stuff" is) and Rodriguez had finally had enough. This is all possible and maybe DLR is at fault also.

    But I do know that Rodriguez punched a locker and broke his hand. That is Rodriguez' fault. I do know that he is not here helping the Rays. That is his fault.

    I also know a great deal about this story, if not everything, because Rodriguez (as pointed out above) is obviously still angry about whatever happened to the point that it is likely causing some tension in the clubhouse. And if there is anything that the Rays are better at than most teams it is clubhouse chemistry.

    And we know Rodriguez is still angry and we know some details about what happened because he decided to talk about it. This isn't a situation where I am taking DLR's side of the story and assuming it is true. I am taking Rodriguez' side of the story and assuming it is true.

  10. Dave L says:

    What are we talking about here really? These are MLB baseball players. We watch them on a nightly basis on highlights destroying everything that doesn't breathe in dugouts throughout the league on a nightly basis. None of the other players say ' hey easy on that water cooler!' They just all look the other way or down at thier shoes.

    What do you think goes on in clubhouses? You think SRod wad the only guy in the Rays system that punched somebody or something out of anger or frustration this year? The rest just had sore or swollen hands. We know cause he broke his hand. To me this is like the Peralta pine tar or Longo and his guns or whatever. These are men playing a very competitive and yes physical sport, they are encouraged to be tough and yes he didnt want to be in Durham who does if they have spent signifigant time in the big leagues?

    So maybe he hates DDLA? Maybe the feeling is mutual. Its not a big deal. Every clubhouse has guys that cant stand each other.

    Yes men deal with it differently than women they act cool like hey he doesnt bother me, then sometimes they explode. And ball players are in a hyper-masculinized environment and they are with each other 7 days a week for seven straight months.

    Read some stories about clubhouses in the past century plus and you will see this stuff is so common. I bet the number of games missed by MLB players because they punched something or somebody is in the thousands. And the number of times guys went up there over the years with a hand or foot or eye socket throbbing in pain are immeasurable.

  11. Dave L says:

    Oops sorry for that phrase from the department of redundancy department.

  12. RayBuc12 says:

    Most amazing is that Riguez actually hit something, although you have to realize this was in Triple A. (In the majors, he probably would have swung and missed the locker)
    Some say he's having a bad year. I'd say he's having a bad career.
    Along with Brignac, E-Johnson, many of the other nonqualifiers who make up the position player spots on the Rays roster.
    Memo to all:
    Find work


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