The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 5, Red Sox 2 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: A Cy Young Exclamation Point. After this performance I have to believe that the Cy Young Award is David Price’s to lose.  He’s now tied for the lead league with 19 wins. He leads with a 2.56 ERA. He’s third in FIP at 3.05. And last night he became just the third pitcher EVER to throw a complete game against the Red Sox with 13+ strikeouts and no walks. EVER. He is also just the 4th visiting lefty at Fenway EVER to strikeout 13 batters (per ELIAS). EVER. Dude is kinda good…Jeff Keppinger. Kepp had the big blow, a 3-run home run over the Green Monster in the 2nd inning. And he is now hitting .331. That would lead the AL if he had enough at bats to qualify. Unfortunately he will come up about 100 plate appearances short of qualifying.

THE BAD: Molina Hurt. Jose Molina had to be pulled from the game after injuring his quad muscle in his leg. And now I can’t help but wonder if Joe Maddon pushed Molina too hard. Molina, who is in his 13th season and is 37 years old was playing in his 17th straight game. That is by far the longest streak of his career without a day off. Also, Molina has played in 99 games, just 1 short of his career high. And he is 37 and not in good shape. The Rays spoke all year about how they were going to pace Molina. And at the end of the year when he is starting to wear down, they pushed him even harder. Now he is hurt. Marc Topkin reports that Molina is day-to-day. Probably should have been day-to-day before getting hurt.

THE TELLING: Matt Moore will now pitch Friday in Chicago. That means he would also likely be the starting pitcher on the final day of the regular season..Jeff Niemann had another throwing session. At this point I would be surprised if he came back during the regular season. But he might be pushing for a spot on a potential postseason roster. Possibly as a reliever?…The Rays are now 84-70, 3.0 games behind the A’s and 1.0 games behind the Angels. The Rays are also just 3 back in the loss column behind the Orioles. According to, the Rays now have a 12.6% chance of making the playoffs.


  • Here’s a cool video. 16 years after denying a 14-year-old an autograph, Dave Martinez showed up at the now 30-year-old’s radio show and presented him with a gift. [97Xonline]
  • In a study that looked at how biased each team’s television commentators are, Dewayne Staats and Brian Anderson proved to be among least biased. You will never guess which crew was most biased? Actually, you probably will. [BI Sports]
  • BJ Upton and others reflect on his time with the Rays and look forward to what might happen this off-season. []
  • I feel like I already posted this, but if not, here it is again. Video of the Rays handing out pizza at the MLB Fan Cave. []
  • Have you seen the trailer yet for the new Jackie Robinson movie. [BI Sports]
  • Want a laugh? A Green Bay newscast used a replacement weatherman to mock the NFL. [BI Sports]






  1. Andrew says:

    I used to think I was the only who thought right on who was the most biased announcers, not surprised about the Marlins too ranking too.

  2. Alex says:

    The Marlins guys are boring beyond belief. Whenever we have to play them and they are the announcers its like watching 10 hours of golf. I love Brian Anderson and Staats. Anderson can keep you engaged no matter what's going on because he goes off on so many random tangents. I can't believe the Sox and Yanks didn't show any bias.

  3. Dave L says:

    Dewayne is a pro. He knows what he knows and he also knows what he doesn't know.

    I have to say at this point in the season, for all his sluggishness at moving his body to block balls, Molina has been net Plus in what he brings to the 2012 Rays.

    Does anybody think we would have a historic low team pitching ERA etc with Shoppach and Jaso behind the plate? I don't.

    Its more than just framing its calling the game and influencing the pitchers. He knows the hitters and seems to have a good rapport with the pitchers. I think in some games Hickey and Maddon let Molina call the game and tell the young pitchers like Cobb, Archer and Moore to trust him and don't think too much just try and execute what he calls.

    Also his influence on Giminez and Lobaton have been positives in thier development. Both are trying to frame pitches like he does and I bet he is viewed as a another coach in many players eyes. Obviously they have been the opposite as far as blocking the plate so theye know not to be like him in that regard.

    If I were the Rays I would offer him a contract with a heavily laden clause that next year he comes in at alot less weight. As the other 2 develop he could maybe handle half the pitching duties another year. After that I could see him becoming a coach hopefully in the Rays organization

    I crapped on this guy alot this year but I think he has been good for the franchise.

    • Nathan says:

      Easy there big fella! Molina still ranks ONLY 32nd among catchers with at least 200 plate appearances. And I still recall a vast number of passed balls in the summer. If the Rays want him as a coach, that's one thing, but DO NOT let him on the field in 2013!!

      • Dave L says:

        I mentioned that he was lacking in blocking the plate.

        32nd in what exactly? I know his hitting isnt great but that wasn't my arguement.

        Jose Molina 6 official passed balls in 99 games....since Buster Posey was already drafted and Johnny Bench is no longer available...

        How about Shoppach? He was available to us-- 2012 - 7 Official passed balls in only 68 games. Ouch and the Sux got rid of him

        Our other 2 catchers didnt pass any balls i think. You can argue that Molina stops less wild pitches than other less sluggish guys which is kind of an unknowable factor.

  4. don says:

    When the Rays signed Molina many said he would catch 80 + games,I said if he does he will be broke down in Sept. (look it up)
    If the Rays want to work on a sigining for next year they need to Make Keppinger an offer NOW, If they can pay slugs like Scott $5Mil, I dont want to hear they can't afford him, give him a 2year with a 3rd yr option for $5mil a year and he takes it, Dump Pena& Scott and you have the $ friedman, Do it NOW, before someone else makes him a ridiculous offer (ala.CC)
    Molina will sign for peanuts no one else will pay him..

  5. Ken says:

    The Rays have a club option on Molina for 2013 for $1.8M. I believe that what he brings to the Rays as a backup catcher, they will exercise their 2013 option on him

  6. Amanda says:

    Since I have to watch the Orioles announcers against the Rays due to blackout restrictions (and the radio audio never syncs with the TV feed *grumble*), I have to say I really love the team of Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer. Of course, Thorne's the "voice" of the Lightning's Cup win, so that's always a plus. But I never, ever feel like they're homering a call, save for the occasional "we," and, well, it's their broadcast. I think because of Thorne's national broadcasting experience, he tends to get excited for both team's great plays. And Palmer still had the funniest line ever when Carl Crawford was struck in the groin with a pick-off attempt on first base (and after both he and Thorn waited with all due gravitas in case it was a serious injury): "Outfielders with good gloves don't wear cups."


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