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Fernando Rodney is having one of the best seasons ever for a relief pitcher. Can he win the Cy Young Award?

According to’s Cy Young Predictor (which is based on how voters chose Cy Young winners in past years) David Price is the favorite and Rodney is second. There are some that believe relievers should never win the award since they only do about one-third as much work. The arument for closers, is that on average, one inning for a closer is more important than one inning from a starting pitcher. And in fact, Rodney’s WPA (3.79, more important plays are worth more) is greater than Price’s (2.59). That being said, I am in the middle. I am not against a closer winning the Cy Young. But it would take a historic season (check) in a year without any great starting pitching performances. And unfortunately for Rodney, there are 3-4 starting pitchers that are deserving. In other words, great year, bad timing…NO

Game Graph

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  1. Sam Fuld, CF
  2. Flash Jennings, LF
  3. Ben Zobrist, SS
  4. Evan Longoria, DH
  5. Matt Joyce, RF
  6. Luke Scott, 1B
  7. Jeff Keppinger, 3B
  8. Jose Lobaton, C
  9. Elliot Johnson, 2B
  10. Matt Moore, SP

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  1. Joe says:

    Friendly fire! I want Price to win it.

  2. Dave L says:

    Minimum innings requirement for my vote is about 170 innings to even qualify for the Cy Young. Thats why Price couldnt edge out Sabathia a couple of years ago, the innings differential (i think it was like 40). Workhorse innings eater gets my vote over a guy with a more wins or or a lower era who couldn't consistantly get to the 7th and 8th innings because he cant economize his pitches per inning.

    Price, Verlander and Felix are in a dead heat.

    A closer? No way. Hopefully in a few years we will have a Mariano Rivera Award for closers to go with the Rolaids Relief Man of the year (which never caused much of a stir)

    Then we can end this silliness.


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