Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

Hey, the Rays have 10 games left and they’re only 3 1/2 behind the A’s with Oakland still with seven remaining against mighty Texas.

This is going to be easy. … At least easier than anyone thought on Wednesday night.

The hitting revival now stands at 43 runs in four games for the good guys after tonight’s 11-5, four-homer destruction of the Blue Jays. And the Jays’ bullpen is fried with first-time starter Chad Jenkins pitching for Toronto tomorrow, the same guy the Rays pounded a few weeks ago. Hopefully, Joe Maddon will keep the pedal floored and won’t rest any of the Rays’ hot bats Sunday in order to get extra down time before Monday’s off day.

Joe’s just grateful that the Rays are proving to a be a class team and dug in for a miracle when most left them for dead. The real fans ride the wave all season and deserve all the runs and fantasies the Rays have churned out these past four games.

Matt Moore’s confidence probably took a huge punch in the gut with an early hook tonight, but it had to be done. There is no room for error anymore. The Rays likely need nine out of the next 10 to get this done.





  1. don says:

    A's have to lose 6 to be 90-72
    Rays have to win9 to be 91-71 they win

    Rays go 8-2 A's still have to lose 6 to tie @90-72

    Go figure..

  2. salter says:

    A's have 11 games left. Conceivable they will go 5-6 with games against Rangers and Yankees.

  3. Allen says:

    The Rays have four against the White Sox in Chicago. They've played the Sox 3 times this year and lost all three, scoring just 6 runs. Those 3 games were at the Trop.

    They don't play them again, but I'm thinking the Central Division----the Detroit Tigers, and against them the Rays are 2-5.

    Our team ends the season with what I hope will be very meaningful games against Baltimore. They've struggled against the O's, going 6-9.

    Our next opponent is Boston up there and we have a losing record against them, 7-9. And they've scored more runs against us this year, 79, than NYY, 74.

    All this to say I am very hopeful, especially since the bats seem to have come alive finally, but I am not overly optimistic. Go Rays!!


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