Twenty-seven Tampa Bay Rays went to the plate today against Felix Hernandez, and 27 were retired. It was the fourth time in four seasons that the Rays have been no-hit. It was also the third time a pitcher has thrown a perfect game against the Rays.

The Dodgers are the only other team that has given up three perfect games. Of course, the Rays did it in less than four years, and the Dodgers needed 108 seasons. But who’s counting.

And while Derek Shelton didn’t swing a bat during the last three no-hitters, he did have a great seat during all three.

Here’s the final pitch…

Oh, and look who caught the perfect game. It’s our old friend John Jaso



  1. franco says:

    Another offensive embarassment. why am I not surprised

  2. Matthew says:

    OK - I've heard a lot of local sports writers say it's not Derek Shelton's fault. These are professional baseball players and Derek can't "game plan" or make Karlos Pena into a better hitter - "Karlos is who he is". Well then why do we even have a hitting coach? If these professional players can't change - or if we cannot come up with an offensive game plan why do we need a batting coach at all??? Come on - in the ENTIRE history of baseball 23 perfect games and 3 of them are against our beloved Rays. We have had new players come and go - but it is the same old story. The common link is Derek Shelton... it is time for a change

  3. Dave L says:

    Congrats to Seattle fans who haven't had much to cheer for lately.

    Our other perfects were against unremarkable arms but King Felix is not ordinary.

    Congrats to Jaso as well. He called a perfect game and you can never take that away from him. He knows us and he had a great pitcher who was a wizard today

    He two hit the Yanks on the road last start, arguably more impressive than this one......

    Baseball is a long season alot of losses for everybody. This guy was wicked.

    We just won so many in a row and the law of averages is a bitch.

    I agree its just one loss.

    On to Anaheim!

    Too many fans here have a football mentality gnashing their teeth like JoeFootball after every loss like the world is ending.

    This isnt the SEC

    This isnt the NFL

    Get over it and move on. Its baseball and you lose alot and some look horrible.

    Sometimes you have to tip your hat, dust yourself off and move on.

  4. s says:

    what a complete effing farce. DEREK SHELTON has to be FIRED!!!

    this isn't just another loss, it's another complete embarrassment. this isn't a coincidence, it's a complete failure based on a hitting philosophy.

    i don't care if it is DS's fault or if he's a scapegoat, something has to change. he has to be fired.

  5. don says:

    Congrats to John Jaso...who wasn't good enough to catch for Joe Maddon...but called a "perfect" game according to king Felix
    When the going gets tough Maddon heads to the clubhouse,He knows disputing balls & strike is immediate dismisssal, He wanted out of there when things were tough...exactly what I want in a Manager (leader?)

  6. Hal says:

    Good for Jaso. You know he is having a very good year for them both with the bat and behind the plate. The splits for the pitchers when he catches versus the other Mariner catchers are eye grabbing. So maybe he doesn't "frame" as well as Molina (this framing metric has to be the silliest bit of math ever), but Jaso's defense is better and his bat is certainly better.

    I'm not to big on the role of the hitting coach or a charter member of the "fire Shelton" mob, but Jaso is an interesting study. Came through our system as a good bat, but limited on defense. Is good with the bat in his first full year, but falls of for the first time in his minor or major league career last year. Leaves and....879 OPS. Molina - .556 OPS (.556!!!!); Lobaton - .640.


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