I mentioned this earlier in the week in “The Hangover,” but it is worth taking a closer look. Below is the game-by-game records of both the Orioles and the Rays and how many games above/below .500 the two teams have been this season.

And it is quite incredible just how similar the two lines are. In fact, the Orioles and Rays haven’t been separated by more than two games in the standings all season, despite both teams having hot streaks, cold streaks, and 12 games head-to-head (both teams have won 6 games).

I still expect the Orioles to fade at some point since they are the only team in baseball with a winning record that has been outscored. But it hasn’t happened yet, and the season is getting late…



  1. don says:

    Everybody and their bother has said the " Orioles will fade since the beginning of the season (including this site)...Even though they have 2nd class pitching, hitting that would rival the Rays as the worst in the league ..... They have a Manager that knows how to get the best out of his players (note: he is not one of their friends) and now one of the best young hitters in baseball, fold? I doubt it.. maybe it comes down to last three games of the season at the Trop......I'll be there..

  2. Dave L says:

    I would give Showalter my vote for manager of the year in the AL. They just keep winning despite offensive numbers which are similar to ours while having pitching that is kinda middling but definitively improved. Was watching some of thier game against Bosux last night and the announcers noted they had the second best AL East record behind us as well.

    If it comes down to the last week and its Sox vs O's with us needing Baltimore to lose my mind might think one thing but I couldn't convince myself to want the Sox to beat anyone.

    Pretty cool this year we end the year with a 3 at home against Baltimore. 162 is gonna mean something for somebody again.


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