The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 8, Angels 3 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Thanking Felix. The Rays are now 4-0 since Felix Hernandez’ perfect game and have scored 37 runs in 36 innings…The Offense. In 85 games without Evan Longoria, the Rays averaged 3.9 runs per game. In 36 games with him, it is 5.2 runs and 6.2 since he returned. But the best part of the offense this weekend was the breather it gave Fernando Rodney. After working 4 straight games, and starting to look a bit worn out, he has now worked just once in the past 5 games…BJ Upton. Bossman now has 6 home runs in his last 8 games and went 7-18 in this 4-game series.

THE BAD: BJ Upton. As hot as BJ Upton seems to be, he is also as cold as ever. He has gone 7 games without a with just 1 walk. And he has now struck out in 6 of his last 9 at bats.

THE TELLING: Sean Rodriguez will likely be demoted this week to make room for the return of Luke Scott. This could happen as early as tomorrow. Of course it will be short term with rosters expanding on Sept. 1…Jose Molina (3) now has just 2 fewer stolen bases that Carl Crawford (5)…Jeff Niemann gave up 12 hits and 4 runs in 4.1 innings in his 3rd of 4 rehab starts…Top Prospect Hak-Ju Lee has been placed on the disabled list with an oblique injury and his season is likely over…The Rays went 8-2 on the 10-game road trip. And that included a perfect game…The Rays are now 67-54, leading the Wild Card race and 1.5 games ahead of the 3rd place A’s, 3.0 games in front of Detroit and 5.5 ahead of the Angels. The Red Sox have fallen to 8.5 back.


  • Be sure to click the <Read More…> below for a funny video of BJ Upton.
  • And here is the nasty collision between Carlos Pena and Jose Molina. [Twitter]
  • I would just like to point out that the Tailgate song for Saturday’s game was “Stayin’ Alive.” Just sayin’. It’s also fun to look at the Game Graph from Saturday’s game. [The Tailgate]
  • The Durham Bulls turned a Web Gem-worthy double play this weekend. [WDBB]
  • Kyle Farnsworth and Wade Davis had a kiss cam moment on Friday. []
  • I defended JP Howell late last year a lot and a little bit this season. So it is nice to see him pitching so well. But as far as Dude goes, I am still not a fan because of his childish antics on the mound, and likely never will be. []
  • Can the Carl Crawford saga get worse? It sounds like he is ready to give up on the season and have elbow surgery. [HardballTalk]
  • Are some fans warming up to Derek Shelton. [BRaysballTalk]


Gwinnett 13, DURHAM 10 (11). Jeff Niemann made his 3rd of 4 rehab starts, and was pounded for 12 hits and 4 runs in 4.1 innings. He struck out 3…LF Leslie Anderson was 3-6 with a double. He’s hitting .315…DH Henry Wrigley had a double in 6 at bats with 3 Ks. He’s hitting .302…SS Reid Brignac raised his average to .234 with a pair of hits…And Tim Beckham is now hitting .253 after going 2-4 with his 4th home run.

Pensacola 9, MONTGOMERY 2. 2B Derek Dietrich was 2-5 with a double and an RBI…RF Mikie Mahtook was 0-3 with a walk.

CHARLOTTE 5, St. Lucie 4. Albert Suarez pitched 5 shutout innings, striking out 2 and walking none…2B Robby Price went 3-4 with a walk…Luke Scott DH’d going 2-3 with a double and 2 walks.

South Bend 6, BOWLING GREEN 5. RF Drew Vettleson was 3-5 with 2 doubles and his 14th home run…SS Jake Hager added his 8th home run and a double…LF Josh Sale was 1-3 with 2 walks.

HUDSON VALLEY 2, Lowell 1. Sean Bierman gave up just 1 run on 3 hits and a walk in 7 innings. He struck out 6.

PRINCETON 10, Johnson City 2. RF Ariel Soriano went 2-5 with his 2nd home run.

If BJ Upton is too busy to give you an autograph, calling him Melvin is not going to change his mind. But it will cause him to snap at you and say bad words…





  1. KT says:

    Upton did draw a walk yesterday, of the bases loaded variety. Which was huge

  2. don says:

    I PREDICT..If the Rays score a run an inning the rest of the season they will win the AL east, if not it will be a fight with the big boys from NY
    Tonight be a good "test" they never score runs when Hell boy Pitches

  3. don says:

    Just watched Upton Video, hes going to say that to the wrong guy someday, and his status as a "baseball player" is not going to save him...Hes not cussing at longo in the dugout... on the street..

    • Dave L says:

      It figures you would have the opposite conclusion of a rational objective person viewing that short video. The video stalker is the coward approaching a known celebrity who he could sue if he dared retaliate in a physical manner to his boorish behavior.

      Glad to know you side with obnoxious cowardice. Not surprised.

      He knows if he approached a random anonymous 6'2" strapping athletic man in his late 20's insulting him he might wake up next to the curb with a broken face.

      These d-bags know the celebrity factor protects them.

  4. Dave L says:

    Who leads the 2012 Rays in RBI I wonder....

    Even when he's productive I guess it just feels uncomfortable for some to accept it and see it helps the team win.

    All I learned from that video was some creep with a cellfone was stalking him and making a vid on a public street. Seems like a normal response from a guy walking with his wife to blow the creep off.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Who is uncomfortable?

      • Dave L says:

        I guess anyone who would get a kick out of some idiot adult man stalking one of our players on the street with cam running while attempting to mock him to get a negative reaction. The player didn’t get in his face, he just seemed to be attempting to get away from the heckler.

        When players are with their families in a public environment outside of their roles as player or representing the Rays at community events. I don’t have much use for people harassing and mocking them. I guess I’m hopelessly old fashioned in that regard.

        • Cork Gaines says:

          What are you talking about? Nobody criticized BJ Upton. What is funny is that the guy thought he was being clever and as soon as BJ snapped at him, he turned and ran. But you never stopped to think that I was laughing at the fan, did you? Or that maybe I just thought the entire scene was humorous without thinking BJ did anything wrong?

          And herein lies the problem with the fan-on-fan violence concerning BJ Upton. If I am not kissing his ass 100% of the time, the apologists assume I am hating on him, which is just as bad as the fans that do excessively hate on him. Some are so paranoid about people criticizing BJ that they will take a completely neutral comment about him and act like I have condemned the man.

          If you have been around here for a while, and Dave, I know you have been, then you should know that BJ is supported far more than he is criticized. But that doesn't mean he is above criticism either. And when I think he deserves criticism, I am not afraid to do it. So if I really thought BJ did something wrong in that video, I would have said so. And it wouldn't have been buried at the bottom of The Hangover. It would have had its own post.

          So unless you have blinders on, then there is no reason to assume the worst.

          • Dave L says:

            Just posting it at all is kind of bush league IMO, frankly. Loser's like that dont need notoriety. And the haters will certainly enjoy watching anybody getting under BJ's skin.

            I dont consider you a BJ hater or a BJ apologist.

            It doesn't matter which Ray was involved, I would have the same opinion.

            You are of a different age than me where TMZ or those sites I avoid make everybody fair game and that seems normal to you. I have frankly never accepted it. I believe in civility and respect for privacy.

            But its part of how the intenet earns money I guess and increases hits.

            I differentiate between celebrity seeking public figures and the simple quiet ones. Longo posing with his centerfold GF for the papparazi, well guys like him and ARod are open to somewhat more scrutiny. The real celebrities well i could care less about them.

            But quiet sports figures out with thier family should be left alone and thier harassment by random a-holes shouldn't be promoted.

            We simply disagree on this.

  5. Pete says:

    I thought a couple years ago they gave Leslie a 4 year 4 mil contract. Am I wrong? I know he's older than most. But what more do they want from him. They knew his age when they gave him that contract. It seems like he should see some time in the bigs.

  6. Tom says:

    Did anyone think Brian Anderson was being a little hard on Grienke when he was fake tossing to third when Molina was on 3rd and Jennings on 1st? It is a real annoying play as a fan but it was obvious they were worried about DJ not Molina. They than pitched out and guessed correctly DJ was going, however, he was safe due to a poor throw.

    • td32 says:

      It was annoying because Anderson and Staats should have known that those calls were coming from the dugout.

    • Alex says:

      No. Grienke is a mental midget which is clearly evident. He can't pitch on the road at all and whenever things start going bad he folds like wet paper. Anderson and Staats were getting on him because rather than just concentrating on getting the batter out, he was doing that stupid 3rd to 1st move. And then things fell apart on him.

      Its like when guys walk around on the mound for an hour rather than just getting up there and pitching. It makes the situation worse

  7. Beazy says:

    Whata season so far. It's funny, when I lived in Pittsburgh, the baseball season ended in May, we watched a lot of nationally televised games, and baseball tonight, then come Aug. it was football season. And, though I have lived in Fla. a lil' longer then so, but for over 4 1/2 years we been in this matrix of great Major League baseball. And, now after all this time, and especially after the tough last few months of uncertainty, I feel bad for those in average baseball cities, where it is what is, NO big personality players, NO drama against sports biggest franchises, NO flash, NO made for TV play, or NO fun at the ball park (I don't care what anybody says, the Trop is the most unique place to ever go to watch a game (like a big pinball machine)). Big ups, to the team for grinding though the last few months, and JoeMahism (lol). Good Luck to anybody in our way, and sorry Yankees, everyone's World Series (sexy) pick is aboard a runaway train to November...

  8. don says:

    "But quiet sports figures out with thier family should be left alone and thier harassment by random a-holes shouldn’t be promoted."

    Will never happen, but nice social commentary by the media police....
    TMZ is my favorite media show

  9. Andy says:

    LOVE that DP video from our Bulls !!! Definitely Gem worthy, for all parties involved!!! Hope we get to see Wrigley w/the Rays sometime SOON!!! Seems like the heir apparent to 1st Base!!! If this play & his batting average are good indicators of his true talent, it sure would be wonderful to have that position locked up for a few years 😀


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