The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Rangers 1, RAYS 0 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: James Shields. Another 1-0 loss (4th in August) means another strong pitching performance wasted. His lone blemish was a solo home run. Otherwise, it was an 8 strikeout performance allowing just 3 hits and 2 walks.

THE BAD: Wasted Opportunities. Before going cold in the final 4 innings (1 for last 14 with 8 strikeouts), the Rays had at least 1 runner on base in each of the first 5 innings and had a runner in scoring position with less than 2 outs in 3 innings and couldn’t push a run across the plate. The worst incident occurred in the second inning when Ben Zobrist failed to score on Luke Scott’s double. Instead of picking of Tom Foley’s signal at third base, Zobrist held up at second base unsure what to do…Carlos Pena. To call Pena “cold” or “struggling” is an insult to hitters that are cold or struggling. After going 0-4 with 4 Ks last night, Pena is now has 4 hits and 21 strikeouts in his last 12 starts. And in his last 94 games, he is hitting .170 and has struck out in 31.7% of his plate appearances…BJ Upton. 2 more strikeouts last night, and Bossman now has 18 Ks in his last 10 games.

THE TELLING: Matt Joyce had to leave the game with a forearm strain and is day-to-day…Jeff Niemann will start on Saturday…Rays are first team to lose four 1-0 games in a single calendar month since 1969. The Rays are now 18-23 on the season in 1-run games (amazing considering how good the bullpen is) and the Orioles are 24-6…The Rays are now 70-59, 5 games behind the Yankees and 1.5 games behind both the A’s and O’s.


  • Joe Maddon was not very happy about Sean Rodriguez breaking his hand, noting that “there’s no real great solace” in knowing Rodriguez might be available later in September…Also Marc Topkin speculates on who will be promoted when roster expand, noting some will arrive on Saturday, and others on Monday. []
  • Leslie Anderson, who now lead the IL in hitting, was just named an IL post-season all-star. [WDBB]
  • The Yankees and Dodgers will play each other next season in what could be the most expensive matchup in sports history. [BI Sports]
  • Twelve players have made at least $150 million in their career. The common theme? Yankees and steroids. [BI Sports]
  • Hey Rays fans, does this song sound familiar? Is nothing sacred anymore? [RI Videos]


DURHAM @ Norfolk. postponed

MONTGOMERY 7, Jacksonville 4. 2B Derek Dietrich went 2-4 with 3 RBI…LF Omar Luna had 3 hits, including a double. He’s hitting .308.

Palm Beach 5, CHARLOTTE 2 (gm 1). RF Todd Glaesmann hit his 21st home run of the year. That leads the entire Rays organization, including the Rays.

Palm Beach 3, CHARLOTTE 0 (gm 2). Jim Patterson threw 5 shutout innings, giving up just 2 hits and a walk.

BOWLING GREEN 6, South Bend 4. RF Drew Vettleson went 1-4…1B Jeff Malm was 0-3 with a walk.

Staten Island 7, HUDSON VALLEY 5. C Jake Depew was 2-3 with an RBI.

Elizabethton 6, PRINCETON 4. 1B Daryl George was 3-5 with a double.





  1. don says:

    Is that "Hitting lesson" From Pena still up for sale...I want to make a bid, before the about $7mil....?

  2. dan r says:

    Well I am old school, but I am curious why the players from the Rays draft do not seem to have a good 2 strike approach. Kepp, roberts, zo, fuld, even luke sure seem to realize 2 strikes, "shorten stroke, put it in play". I am really tired of many players still swinging for the dinger on an 0-2 count. to me this is an attitude, an approach. . . my 14 yr old son understands and practices it, wonder what age he is supposed to forget that. .

  3. Dave L says:

    Watching Pena employ that mighty uppercut homerun swing everytime we just need to put the ball in play is hard to watch night after night.

    Yeah Sheilds looked great. And the bullpen gave us a chance once again. To paraphrase Maddon 1 running them is more impressive than shutting out us, unfortunately there are no style points in the big leagues.

    Sheilds wont be missing any starts thats for sure, He'll be there for all the big series in September.

    On a lighter note, looks like Cy Young himself got battered around last night, happens to the best of them sometimes.

  4. Slotter says:

    I have had it with Pena. His defense isn't good enough to justify his bat (unlike Texiera). 16 home runs is average power, but below average for a "power-hitter." There are some valuable things Pena does bring, like clubhouse leadership, talks to pitchers when they are in a jam but these are not enouh to justify his playing time right now. Keppinger can play good enough defense at first. He also definitely would have knocked in the runners with 1 out both times last night.

  5. CC says:

    Pena strikes out during batting practice!

  6. Andy says:

    Painfully combed thru Aug stats & came up w/some stats that a team fighting for a playoff spot should pay attention to, if winning is the goal!!

    Rays are 11-8 this month when Karlos starts at 1B, surprisingly better than I thought. They're 6-1 when Kepp starts at 1st!!!

    While Karlos is hitting .152 during the 11 wins (+ a few at bats as PH or defensive replacement), he's hitting a whopping .038 in the 8 losses!!! Additionally, he struck out 16 times during the 8 losses & 24 times during all games. He also left 26 men on base (10 during losses) while knocking in only 6 runs in 66 AB's!!! As per any residual power he may have, he's hit 2 HR's in Aug while Kepp has 1.

    Meanwhile, Kepp is batting .429 during the 6 wins he starts at 1B!!! During his 1 loss, he failed to get a hit. He struck out a total of 2 times, got 2 RBI's & left 7 men on base in his 24 AB's. While it took Karlos those 66 AB's to get 10 hits, Kepp got 9 hits in only 7 games.

    Given all this convoluted info, seems painfully obvious Pena should be relegated to the Dan Johnson role of last year - and NOTHING more!!! When Kepp needs a break at 1B, use Scott or bring up Wrigley to handle those few games. Just keep Karlos riding the pine right next to HotRod!! For as little as he's hitting, he might as well have a broken hand, too 😀

    C'mon, team, it's not like this is rocket science!!!


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