Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

Now this was the Rays team we all expected. Strong pitching. Clutch pitching. Clutch hitting. And a little bit of smallball thrown in. Joe just loved it.

Caps off to James Shields and Joel Peralta. Four innings in a row the Twins, with the game tied, got the leadoff runner on base only to see said runner stranded. That’s clutch pitching.

Then, in extra innings, the Rays blew the game open.

Speaking of extra innings, Joe nearly fell off his leather couch laughing when Twins pitcher Tyler Robertson drilled windmill Karlos Pena. Nothing like hitting one of the worst hitters in baseball in extra innings. Joe thinks that just might be worse than walking the pitcher in the National League.

Oh, and a tip of the cap to Twins shortstop Brian Dozier for not even trying to gun down Desmond Jennings at the plate on a ground ball hit to him in the 10th. That helped.

All around, just a strong effort by the Rays today. This is the team that Joe expected to watch most of the season.



  1. ALLEN says:

    You gotta wonder why Dozier went to first in that situation. It looked like the ball may have hit him in the chest and, who knows, his eyes were then fixed on first so he could get a sure out and not prolong the inning. Who knows? But it would be interesting to hear his explanation.

    It was a great series for the Rays and a solid win in an extra inning. Let's keep it up in Seattle and LA.

    Is there some consistency developing in Maddon's batting order? Keppinger and Roberts are helping this team offensively.

    Hats off to the bullpen.

    Go Rays!

  2. Beazy says:

    Big ups to hanging in there in extras, and squeezing out the win. Don't look now, but we're undefeated with good ole' Longo, with Luke and the Texas tower are on there way back...
    Look in your rear view mirror Yanks, aht oh, here comes the Rays!
    To the best team on the west coast (of the east coast), keep up the good play on the west coast...


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