Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

How bout those Rays slappin’ and sprayin’ balls all over the home park today to sweep the Jays! Twelve singles, an Evan Longoria double and a 7-1 win.

Forget about Dirtbag’s three-hit day, is the mere presence of Dirtbag enough to draw out all this offense? Maybe. But just debating that is a hell of a lot of fun.

Matt Moore still seemed to be nibbling too much, but was dominant in his ninth victory.

With Hellboy, David Price and James Shields this weekend in lowly Minnesota, the Rays have a real shot to gain ground and spare Rays fans from another ride on the miserable .500 rollercoaster.

For those who miss being annoyed, Joe recommends watching this video from Check out Jose Lobaton’s tag in the first inning when Jeff Keppinger comes home with a man on third. That’s lazy baseball. The Rays got quite a break with the call.





  1. Mike M says:

    I get so scared when we go to play "bad" teams. They just don't seem to show up against the Twins, Mariners, Etc.

  2. Joe says:

    Supposed to win most if not all of the next 6 games, that worries me. Except Price vs Blackburn, that doesn't concern me at all honestly.

    Diamond is going to be tough against us.

  3. bucyea says:

    we have a tendency to turn average to below-average pitchers into the second coming of Cy Young, yet do better than expected against "upper echelon" starters.

    • Joe says:

      Well, we have handled the Twins nicely last couple years, the Mariners were 0 for 5 against us and then someone stole our bats for the next 2 and we sit at 5-1 vs the Halos


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