Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Jim Hickey was interviewed a few days ago on WDAE-AM 620 and talked extensively about how Rays pitchers are so focused on not being the guy that turns in a clunker and blows up the incredible run the staff is on, that it’s taken on a life of its own.

And nothing changed tonight, as Alex Cobb, Joel Peralta and Fernando Rodney six-hit the Jays.

Look, Joe’s as caught up in the hoopla surrounding Evan Longoria’s return as the next guy — he sat out Wednesday — but it’s the pitching that really deserves the excitement from fans and media. Especially the new plateau of dominance that has been reached over the past week or so.

Imagine if the Yankees’ staff had a run like the Rays’, the New York and national frenzy would be insane. But around the Bay area, all you hear is moaning about ugly hitting and boring games. Either fans have become so damned spoiled by this pitching staff, there’s not a very savvy fan base, or Rays fans prefer complaining over all else.

The reality is the Rays are 110 games into the season with a healthy staff that the American League has seen countless times, and they still can’t be touched. (Yeah, Joe knows Cobb was new to Toronto.) We can all sit around and say the Rays can’t continue this run of pitching, but the reality is that there’s no reason to believe it won’t last. The defense has returned and the arms are largely young and fresh.

Joe wants the bats to come around as much as the next guy and knows that has to happen for the Rays to compete in the playoffs, but the pitching at this point deserves a lot more love than it’s getting.

Enjoy this run. It’s historic.






  1. Joe says:

    If Matt Moore starts tomorrows game with 5.1 scoreless innings, he will break Shields overall record. Of course, JP is close also.

  2. ALLEN says:

    Ok Joe you're absolutely right about the great pitching. That's what it is---all the way through, starting and relief. Here's what worries me, that we'll lose four in a row, 0-1, 2-3, 1-2, 0-1. There have been some teams in years gone by that have gone a long way on brilliant pitching with relatively weak hitting, the Dodgers in the days of Koufax, Drysdale and Podres; the Orioles when they had Palmer, Dobson and Cuellar.

    The Big Red Machine won without very good pitching, and I love to watch great pitching and great defense. I'd just like to see the Rays have some ability to score 5+ runs so our great pitching doesn't have to hold their opponents to one or two runs in order to win. Go Rays!

  3. bucyea says:

    You sir, are leading the chorus of "they cant hit". You people (media shock whores) are amazing.

  4. MarkE says:

    Did Rich Herrara ghost-write this piece?

    The pitching staff IS getting local love Joe. Sports talk radio stations don't filter out callers who just want to cheerlead - that would be a very boring show. And, for the most part, callers who are happy with their team don't call sport radio stations to talk about it.

    Newspapers and new TV are ALWAYS looking for the negative story. But everywhere I go - work, neighbors, friends... everyone is talking about the awesome pitching, THEN the impotent hitting.

    It is what it is Joe, the pitching is unprecedented - and it's appreciated (locally), but the bats suck, and that's being talked about as well. This is not a society who chooses to spend their days talking about only the positive and hiding the negative - thank God - what a boring, Brady Bunch society that would be.

    The fact is - the lack of offense on this team almost equals the impressiveness of the incredible pitching in newsworthiness. And, all things equal on a sport radio agenda, the negative topic is going to rule the airways. Nobody would listen to a sports radio show with caller after caller saying, "...and remember that 3-2 pitch in the eighth? Yeah, yeah, that was awesome". (Chris Farley movie reviewer, SNL style).

    I don't know where you're hanging out Joe, but I'm hearing lots of good things about the pitching. But, the fact is, the lack of offense tips the enthusiasm scales back the other way a bit. Fans are tired of owning a Lamborghini with a 4 cylinder engine in it.

    If you're a pitching-only enthusiast, sit back and enjoy a show you'll see once every decade or two. If you're a baseball enthusiast, recognize the bad with the good.

    Now, how 'bout that freakin curveball from Cobb last night!!! Let's go RAYS (bats).

  5. JoeRaysFan says:

    @BucYea - "Shock whore?" This is a post about celebrating historic pitching?

    Fellas, Joe was already hearing negativity among a sea of Rays fans during the late innings of this game. The point is the pitching has reached such an extraordinary level at this point and the overall response from the fan base and media isn't matching it.

  6. Drew says:

    Hate to say it but with the exception of Price, the rest of the staff has underperformed this year. It was expected that they would be better than what they have shown so far this season. Now it looks like they are starting to make up for it.


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