Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

Joe hates to be a broken record, but Joe’s had enough of this manufactured nonsense by Derek Shelton of playing-for-a-walk and Andrew Friedman being borderline irresponsible in not going out and getting a bat when the parent club has enough pitchers to fill out two teams’ starting rotations.

No, Hellboy didn’t have a good night. But giving up four runs shouldn’t mean the end of the world… until you look in the Rays dugout and see Shelton.

As great — yes, Joe does mean “great” — as Friedman is at overseeing an organization that is filthy with pitchers, it is equally inexcusable why he couldn’t have traded for a bat (or two).

Yes, the Rays are still in contention for a wild card thanks to vault full of pitching. But really, if the Rays do get a wild card berth, does anyone truly believe that some genie will come by and spread pixie dust on the Rays bats and suddenly they will have an offense? Please.

Sam Fuld trying to steal third down four runs? Why, exactly?

And people actually wonder why 33 percent more local sports fans Saturday night decided to sweat in the heat and brave a thunderstorm to watch the Bucs practice instead of sitting in a comfy dome watching a team still in the playoff hunt.

A thundering tackle in a make-believe game sure beats (a)nother Karlos Pena strikeout.



  1. Joe says:

    Tomorrow is the only time I ever have confidence in winning, Price starts.

    It's also the last game we are playing without Evan but I'm not that dumb, he might not bring much besides his awesome song.

    No defense and he can probably hit pretty well but we wont really see Evan until 2013.

  2. Allen says:

    Thank goodness we got to see the Fox Sports Florida Girls, otherwise this game would have been B-O-R-I-N-G instead of just boring. Hellboy had no control and so didn't get the close calls. Chen did and did.

    Joe is so right though----giving up only four runs should not have been the end of the world. But it is when you have a lineup with three players under .200 (incl. Roberts), only 1 player with more than 200 ABs hitting over .250, and no (ZERO) RBI threat to worry opposing pitchers. That kind of lineup makes me long to see three outs just so I can watch an exciting commercial or the Fox Sports Florida Girls.

    The Rays amazing bullpen was uprooted tonight by the Rays hitless wonders.

  3. Joe says:

    JP Howell and Fernando Rodney are now #1 and #2 in scoreless innings streaks. If only we made that matter more. I mean, it usually means something with Rodney but for some reason, JP is always used when we're losing.

  4. Mobula says:

    I'd still rather spend my time watching the Rays lose than watching the Bucs do ANYTHING.

  5. don says:

    Fuld's little act (stealing 3rd for no usefull reason) smacked of the "hey look at me" i'm "superman"...and in a way showed everyone that Rays mentality is not knowing what is going on during the game...I would have given anything for the batter to hit a HR..which would have made the score 4-2 with fuld at 2nd...Maddon lets players "run wild" because he doesn't know how to manage a baseball game ...its more than being a nice guy...but he gets away with that act with 95% of the fans

    • Joe says:

      It wasn't a good play but if you are trying to say Fuld is a drama queen, you're wrong. What he is, is a spark plug in the field, with the infield and MOST of the times on the bases and since he came back, this team has been very good.

      Even if you hit a homer there? Btw, Molina was up, we are still down 2 runs and 2 runs is 6 runs to us.

      • Allen says:

        I don't think Fuld is a drama queen, but I do think since he was already in scoring position it was an unwise play. I agree that Molina is not a threat, not even for a deep fly, but perhaps Fuld was thinking that if he got to third and Molina hit a deep fly, or even something deep in the infield and even if Molina was out, he could still score and thus get some runs on the board. Part of what made it look so bad is the throw was not even close.

        I appreciate Fuld's aggressiveness. I would just love to see 4 or 5 guys on this squad hit better than .270. I don't know if you guys are right that this anemic offense is Shelton's responsibility. It may be, but this is the majors and they ought to know how to hit. They are pathetic.


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