Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

It’s pathetic that Joe is sitting here mad that Matt Joyce didn’t move from second to third in the ninth inning with one out when a pitch got away from the Orioles’ catcher toward the first base bag.

Would it have made a difference with Jeff Keppinger at the plate? Nobody knows. But that’s what it comes down to for the Rays; they have to be on high alert for a mere chance to score a run.

The Rays were shut out again, 1-0 in 10 innings, to lose the series to the Orioles on Sunday. What a disgraceful waste of a David Price gem, and Joe aches for the faithful that paid to watch that game.

The pitching keeps improving, while the hitting keeps tanking.

The bang-your-head-against-the-wall season marches on.





  1. s says:

    You've been defensive of Shelton and I agree that it's not entirely his fault. But with that being said, is he helping anything? NO! He needs to go. Let him be the scapegoat if that's truly the case.

    We need a spark and we surely didn't get it at the trade deadline.

    But instead we'll keep Shelton, miss the playoffs by a game or two, make very little moves in the offseason and somehow think that next year will somehow change. It's the RAYS WAY.

    What did we do in the offseason this year? We brought in a 1st baseman that can't hit his body weight, an bloated catcher, and a DH that we new wouldn't be able to stay off the DL. Somehow this was going to be a huge upgrade!!

    Let's be honest, how good is our FO? We let Crawford walk for a draft pick, we'll let BJ walk. We sign washed up players with a hope that they can pull off a miracle season. We hold on to coaches that the Indians ran out of town. What trades or signings in the past few years have been homeruns?

    What exactly does the FO do correctly other that pitching? For the record, I give Jim Hickey much more credit than the FO. We can't hit and we can't field, other than that we're a really good team.

    Cmon Andrew, time to step up and do SOMETHING. Start by firing Shelton. It surely can't make us any worse.

  2. s says:

    we have to "build a team" every year. so like i've said before, if you're going to have a bunch of marginal hitters EVERY year, then you'd better have a hitting coach that can TEACH or get the most out of them.

    we bring in rejects and castoffs to our bullpen and we generally have success. why? good coaching. look at our starting pitching, other than Price, who was a top pick? why are they successful? coaching and scouting, in the past i would say defense, but that's completely gone away this year.

    I find it hilarious that many say that shelton doesn't deserve the blame, yet in the next breath they'll credit Hickey for our pitching.


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