Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

When was the last time the Rays fielded a starting lineup without a guy hitting under .200 like they did tonight?

There’s one for the stat geeks.

Joe nearly had a heart attack looking at all those 2s. Eleven hits (five for extra bases) and five runs in an easy 5-1 home win against K.C. was no problem for those big bats tonight.

Frankly, Joe can’t help but be fascinated by mittgate, when Jeff Keppinger took a sure double-play throw from Ryan Roberts only to have the ball blow a hole in his glove in the fifth inning. It was easily one of the strangest things Joe has ever seen in a baseball game. Maybe Joel Peralta can rub pine tar in Keppinger’s glove to keep everything together.

Seriously, the manufacturer of that glove should be outed and skewered.

Thankfully, the two errors in that inning didn’t rattle Hellboy, whose pitching motion was extraordinarily relaxed tonight, even for him, the king of cool.

Joe likes that the Rays’ feared starters aren’t just pitching for the moment. In the back of their minds, they’re fighting for the ball in the postseason.





  1. Beazy says:

    So, I'm watching the Giants vs. Dodgers on ESPN tonight, and there talking about how much power left handed pitchers have these days compared to back-in-the-day, as they mention Chris Sale, Madison Bumgarner, and they say David Price along with saying "possible Cy Young award winner; how about Tampa Bay only 4 games back of New York; we shouldn't be surprised about anything Tampa does...".


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