Joe Maddon appeared on the MLB Network today where he was rambling on about something boring when the clip below happened.

And there is so much to love about this. Like how Joel Peralta doesn’t just smash the pie. Rather he really rubs it in (although it is a little disturbing how much he seems to be enjoying it). And how Joe Maddon’s first concern after being nailed is to find his mark again so that the camera is still on him. But what I really love is how this is just the Rays being the Rays. And that’s awesome…

Name another team where a player would have the guts to nail their manager with a pie on National television. Actually, now that I mention it, the thought of Bobby Valentine getting a shaving cream pie from one of his players would be awesome.

Can we make this happen?

* The Rays actually use whipped cream pies, but nobody outside of the Bay Area would have understood.


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  1. DewMaster says:

    Glad you posted this. Awesome to see. Thanks.


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