NBC Sports Network’s “Caught Looking” series takes a behind the scenes look at one series each week, and last week it was the Rays’ 4-game sweep of the Angels. As private as the Rays are, you know they only did this kicking and screaming, but boy am I glad they did. If you get a chance to watch, please do. But in the meantime, I collected a few of my favorite shots from the episode…

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  1. Sarah says:

    So, what did you think about the show? I really enjoyed it, but I couldn't figure out why we needed to follow the Zobrists around an amusement park.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I liked it (Rays sweeping might have helped). First time I had seen one and looking forward to others, even if Rays are not involved. As for the Zobrists, that was the only painful part and seemed a bit forced/planned.

      • Sarah says:

        I was wondering whether Julianna's agent paid someone off. Otherwise, that piece (overly long and pointless) was inexplicable.

        Really loved the Trout-Torii Hunter conversations.

        Loved seeing Longo get fitted for a tux for a friend's October wedding, and then noting that he hopes he'll actually be otherwise occupied that month.


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