Tim Beckham is still trying to make it to the big leagues, and Reid Brignac is hoping to get back. But on play last night in Durham, the two combined on a play that would impress most major leaguers…



  1. don says:

    Brig & becKham fit right into the Rays mold...good in the field suck at the plate..I would trade both for a SS that could hit 250-260...Oh the Rays gave Bartlet away..didn't need him..throw in Rodriquez you have a trifecta...

    • Joe says:

      We already messed up and passed on Posey, can't we at least give Beckham a cup of coffee? See if our top pick can do ANYTHING? We have been burned by top pics before, thanks Hamilton, Brazelton, Towsend but this guy is in AAA. Call him up and if we have a big lead or are down big, let him play some SS.


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