We got kids, we’ve got a concussion test, and we’ve got more images of Jose Molina’s stolen base. We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter (via Sun Sports)…

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  1. brianknowsbest says:


    Why arent we hearing more about the Rays being interested in Justin Upton. He is signed to 4 more years at a farily reason able contract. Seems like something they should be all over given the lack of offense in the last couple years, and the security they have in the contract.

  2. s says:

    $38.5 million for 3 years and what would we have to give up?

  3. s says:

    they want a top of the rotation starter AND a elite SSor3B all controllable for 3 years. plus we would have to pay him $13 million a year? do you really have to ask WHY?

    • brianknowsbest says:

      as they should be asking for that. Justin upton is MVP caliber player ay age 24 he hasnt even hit his prime. The rays need offense not for this year but for years to come, because if you look in the Minors, its not coming from there. they may want that… but everything is negotiable.

      this is one where i would id be willing to give up a hellickson and and and archer.

  4. s says:

    you can bet we won’t have a $13 million player with the last name of upton. can you imagine the backlash if he doesn’t pan out.

    they’ll get close to that or they won’t move him. they’re shopping and don’t have to make a move unless the price is right.

    • brianknowsbest says:

      pretty sure the front office has a little more sophisticated way of making decisions than fear of backlash.

  5. Beazy says:

    It’s good to see what I been saying, that the leader of our field should be the leader of our lineup, Mr. Bossman Jr., keep up the good work…

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