OK, we all love Evan Longoria. But we also know that his fashion decisions are sometimes, well, questionable. Remember when Longo dug out his suit from high school for last year’s ESPYs? Or the time it looked like Longo had just been released from prison?

Well, let’s add the picture below, tweeted out by his other-half, Jaime Edmondson. And yes, that is Longoria in Crocs, which are the fashion equivalent of listening to Nickelback. Of course, Longo once called Nickelback his favorite band. So there ya go.

Hey, nobody is putting me on the cover of GQ anytime soon. But it always seemed like a good rule of thumb was that Crocs should only be worn by those who have a chance of peeing themselves…



  1. Michael says:

    surprisingly poor taste

  2. Gus says:

    If it helped that hammy get better quicker, he could wear high heels and I'd be cool with it. Given his fragility, I'm more worried about him hurting himself with a knife or an open flame in the kitchen. I don't want him cooking, helping stranded motorists, jump starting a classic Camaro or horsing around with some minor league clown in the dugout. You are the franchise man. Take care of yourself. Get better soon (real soon).

  3. bbmern says:

    My daughter would die laughing if she saw this! Hey it's not like he's wearing them outside people...and Crocs are very comfy..give him a break. Can't wait til he's back in the lineup!!

  4. Sarah says:

    A guy who cooks? He can wear whatever he wants.


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