Jayson Stark chimes in on the Rays trade deadline situation and drops us a doozy

Want to guess the Rays pitcher who is drawing as much interest as Shields — and maybe more? That would be Wade Davis, who has turned into a strikeout-an-inning bullpen weapon, can start or relieve, and is signed through 2014, with club options through 2017. “You wouldn’t believe the number of teams that love Wade Davis,” said an executive of one club that checked in.

Stark also puts the chances of James Shields getting traded at 50%…

…executives of three teams told Rumblings this week that if the Rays decide in a week or so that they can’t count on Evan Longoria and their postseason scenarios take a U-turn for the worst, they’re open to moving Shields (or Jeremy Hellickson) if they can get a hefty enough return — ideally, some combination of high-end young arms, a young catcher and/or a controllable hitter.

This all jives with what we would expect and with what others have said. Young, high-upside pitchers and a young catcher. But don’t get too excited. When they say “young,” they may mean really young, like single-A young. Those are the kind of prospects that other teams are more willing to deal in this “Win now” world.

Finally, an executive chimed in with something we have been saying recently. That is, don’t be surprised if the Rays wait until winter to try to move Shields…

“I’m convinced they could trade him. It just might not be now,” one exec said. “All depends if they get what they want. They can wait ’til the winter and trade him then, too.”



  1. Dave L says:

    The Shields scenario sounds familiar...

    Don't look for Wade Davis to go anywhere. The Rays don't trade young effective ballplayers who we have locked in long term to reasonable numbers commensurate with thier contribution level.

    The Rays only trade players who:

    1) Are about to walk anyway and if we are out of it then get something for them. (BJ 2012). But we arent out of it yet.

    2) Will become too high priced next year if we feel we have a lower cost replacement. (Shields 2012 maybe). But we arent out of it yet.

    And in return we only get young guys, prospects. We cant afford the salaries of 30+ aging proven bats. Always keep in mind that we are looking to reduce salary because all our young promising guys deal are structured so they rise next year, as with every year-- starting pitchers Longo, Zob etc.

    The offseason possiblity of getting a younger Upton to replace his bro sounds interesting. Offseason I mean not now.

  2. Beazy says:

    Shields? The winner of game 1 and 5 of the 2012 World Series, why do that?

    • Dave L says:

      Exactly!!! Thats how the fans in the ballpark think when that foghorn sounds and the actor I forgot his name screams Victory!!! from the mountaintop.

      We are headed to the Trop tonite second row Outfield for a change directly behind Ichiro. Sec 142

  3. Lane Meyer says:

    Would like to see Davis (or Shields), Sean and Upton moved to the Nats for Desmond, Detwiler, and Morse. Solves our problem at SS, 1B, and long relief/spot starter. For the remainder of this year you could use Morse as an OF/DH until Pena's contract expires. This still leaves a hole at catcher but we have several in the system and could make a move in the offseason.

  4. Alex says:

    The Rays missed their chance on Ian Desmond. They sat on their hands too long and didn't want to give up BJ. Why would the Nats want Upton who's a free agent and Sean Rodriguez who is garbage? Oh and they are going to give us their power hitting 1b/Lf and their young SS who's having a break out year. Good one


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