Richie Schaffer

The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Red Sox 3, RAYS 1 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: The Bullpen. It wasn’t the bullpen’s fault, with four guys combining to keep the Rays in it late. Those four combined for 3 shutout innings, 2 hits, 1 walk, and 4 strikeouts. This group is going to keep the Rays in a lot of games. Now if the Rays can just find some offense.

THE BAD: Hellboy On Friday the 13th. Jeremy Hellickson is a pitcher that needs to have control and command of his pitches. Last night he had neither early on. He walked 4 batters for the 2nd straight start and even hit a batter. Two of those batters would score. He also gave David Ortiz a meatball cutter that didn’t cut which magically turned into a BP fastball…Baserunning. In the first inning, BJ Upton got picked-off first base which was bad enough. But with Ben Zobrist on third base, Upton just ran into a tag at second base rather than get into a run down. Upton was tagged before Zo could cross the plate. And then later, Zobrist returned the favor when he tried to tag up and go to third on a shallow line drive by Upton. It took a good relay, but that’s what happened and Zobrist killed a potential rally…Bats. The Rays struck out 11 times for the 22nd time this season. That is tops in the AL and second in the Majors behind only the Astros, who have done it 23 times.

THE TELLING: Desmond Jennings batted 8th…It is kind of amazing that in the span of 24 hours we went from the Rays hoping Evan Longoria will be back in August to Longo telling the media that he doesn’t think his season is over. Those two are not mutually exclusive, but they have very different tones…The Rays are 45-42 and one of 7 teams within 2.5 games of the second Wild Card spot…Joe Maddon says he will rotate different players into the leadoff spot (via


  • A Red Sox fan got super-duper excited about some hot dogs last night. [RI Video]
  • As expected, the Rays did sign their first round pick, Richie Schaffer, for $1.7 million. He will report to low-A Hudson Valley. The Rays signed their top 28 picks and 37 of 40 overall.
  • The Rays have one player (Hak-Ju Lee, no. 33) on’s updated top prospects list. [ESPN]
  • A look at where home runs are hit at The Trop. []
  • It’s another, ‘Hey look, here’s another site that could be the future home of the Rays.’ []
  • interviewed the Rays top pick in the 2011 draft, Taylor Guerrieri. [Seamheads]
  • Rays Colored Glasses takes a closer look at one Rays pitching prospect. [Rays Colored Glasses]
  • The Bucs will use the 85% threshold to try to avoid blackouts this season. [JoeBucsFan]


Charlotte 4, DURHAM 3.

Jacksonville 4, MONTGOMERY 2.

Lakeland @ CHARLOTTE. postponed

BOWLING GREEN 8, Burlington 2.

HUDSON VALLEY 4, Batavia 0.

PRINCETON 5, Danville 4.





  1. don says:

    Good...Shaffer can take Longos place on his 2014 injury (vacation) works out perfect for the Rays....more cheap help!

  2. Tone says:

    Hellickson was not sharp, but holding the Red Sux to just 3 runs(2 self inflicted), you really can't put him in the "bad". Joe Maddon and the coaching staff need to start taking some heat. I have been shocked at Maddon's lack of accountability for his and his staff. He slightly acknowledged a little blame last night, but given how he's seems to soak up the credit during winning times, it's long overdue for him to take responsibility. The approach at the plate is horrible by almost all players. There are too many players taking called 3rd strikes for it to be just an anomaly. Obviously there is a method that's not working. The same goes for the "aggressive baserunning". I'm sorry, but there are way more failures in being aggressive than there are successes. The method is failing and I think other teams are aware, yet no adjustment. That is ALL coaching.

  3. Dave L says:

    I thought Hellickson pitched ok. As usual he got no run support.

    On that weak grounder up the middle that did all the damage I would have thought that a dive by either Kepp or EJ might have at least knocked it down. That wasnt much effort there IMO. A major league level shortstop play might have kept us in the game unfortunately we dont have any ML level SS on our 40 man roster.

    Am I being too harsh?

    To me that play was the whole season defensively in a nut shell. With the bases loaded you have to sell out on that kind of play and throw your body at it to prove its uncatchable and unstoppable.

    • Drew says:

      The only way to play the game is hard, whether you are getting payed the ML minimum, or $10mil. Lately, the entire team has been playing like BJ has for his whole career, and it's making it difficult to cheer for them.


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