The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Indians 3, RAYS 1 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: There’s Gotta Be Something. Let’s see. The offense? Nope. Well, the pitching and the defense must have been good, right? Um, nope. OK, well, at least the Rays always hustle, right? Yeah, not so much.

THE BAD: The Golden Sombrero Bad. The offense managed just 4 hits. In fact, the Rays 1-7 hitters went a combined 2-25. The pitchers gave up nearly as many home runs (3) as the Rays had hits. The defense committed another error. And Will Rhymes might have had an inside-the-park home run if he didn’t stand at the plate and admire his shot off the outfield wall. That’s not good for anybody. But it is definitely idiotic when you hit as many home runs as Rhymes. And that is to say, not very many.

THE TELLING: Luke Scott played first base, and was so surprised by the move that he did not have a first baseman’s mitt and had to borrow one from Jeff Keppinger…The Rays are now 7 games behind the Yankees and 1.5 games behind the Orioles in the Wild Card race.


  • Matt Joyce’s setback during his rehab appearance is apparently unrelated to the original injury. I am not sure that makes me feel any better, but ok. []
  • Luke Scott’s hitless streak is now at 39 at bats, which is just 7 at bats shy of the MLB record set last year. Scott says the streak has caused him to lose sleep and even cry. []
  • Johnny Damon talked before the game about facing the Rays. []
  • Here’s a solid breakdown of how the minor league pitching prospects have performed so far. [Rays Prospects]
  • Here are some of the hideous uniforms minor league teams wore on the 4th of July. [BI Sports]
  • Have you had your Morning Cup of Joe? [JoeBucsFan]


Norfolk 10, DURHAM 5. Alex Torres allowed 4 runs in 3 innings, striking out 2 and walking 2. Only 32 of his 62 pitches were strikes…2B Tim Beckham was 0-4 with a walk and SS Reid Brignac had a single in 4 at bats…RF Brandon Allen (3) and DH Henry Wrigley (15 combined in AA/AAA) homered for the Bulls.

Mobile 6, MONTGOMERY 5. Nick Barnese allowed 3 runs in 4.2 innings on 5 hits and 2 walks…SS Hak-Ju Lee was 1-5 to extend his hitting streak to 16 games…DH Ryan Garko was 3-5 and is hitting .340.

Fort Myers 8, CHARLOTTE 5. The Stone Crabs had 15 hits, but none were for extra-bases…DH Steven Tinoco went 4-5 to raise his average to .288…RF Cody Rogers also had 4 hits.

Fort Wayne 8, BOWLING GREEN 3. RF Drew Vettleson was 0-3 with a walk and 2 strikeouts…DH Jeff Malm walked twice…LF Josh Sale was 1-2 with a walk. He’s hitting .267.

HUDSON VALLEY 6, Vermont 0. DH Justin O’Connor hit his 2nd home run of the season, a 3-run shot.

Pulaski 5, PRINCETON 4. SS Brandon Martin and C Oscar Hernandez were each 1-4. Hernandez had a double and is hitting .313.





  1. Michael says:

    Not just Rhymes admiring his hit

    but Elliot Johnson also wanted to enjoy the show, jogged to first, and then decided to stretch it to second after he saw it was fair

    horrible play

  2. don says:

    Well lets see: adequate pitching :hellboy gives up 5 hits 2 runs and has no chance to win, our signees Pena & Scott fastly becoming jokes of 2012, throw in Molina the offense is dead,
    Makes you sad to see Damon (.260 2011) and kotch (300 2011)
    since the FO are really are geniuses...
    Damon pegged them right when he left...they replaced the wrong players...replace by over the hill hitters and payed them too much money, watch and suffer fans.....

    • Rob says:

      Don, I agree with you that the Rays suck and that the players they signed are sh*tting the bed. But, what do Damon's and Kotchman's averages from last year have to do with this year? They are hitting .212 and .233 this year, respectively.

    • Russ says:

      Not sure if they really replaced the wrong players when Damon is currently batting .212 and Kotchman is hitting .233.

      • don says:

        First of all their avgs. are 25-30 pts ahead of Pena/Scott/Molina and probably would probably would have been much higher if they stayed at "Home" in Florida...they took the best deal they could get in god foresaken Cleveland...
        Give me KOtch, Damon, and spend the 12Mil they spent on their bum replacements on a hitting SS & catcher, they would be much better off than they are now....betcha..

        • Rob says:

          So you are saying they would perform better under the tutelage of Derek Shelton. I didn't realize you were such a supporter of hitting coach.

  3. Rob says:

    Is there anything to like about this team right now? No hustle, no bats, no defense, and shoddy pitching. Also, there's no crying in baseball - is Shelton using psychotherapy now to coach his hitters? And who is driving this bus? Somebody in the dugout should have punched Rhymes for that bush league stunt for embarrassing the team.

  4. don says:

    Don't forget they let Sutton go (.270 hitter) to keep Rymes...
    Evidence keeps mounting....geniuses

  5. JN says:

    Well let us give Rhymes the benefit of the doubt. He was probably in instant shock that he hit the ball that far even.


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