The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Orioles 6, RAYS 2 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Longo Is Closer. That picture at right is from the Durham Bulls and shows Evan Longoria playing in a real-live baseball game. In 4 plate appearances, he walked, hit a flyball to center, and popped up to the infield twice. Interestingly, Longo chose to go with the minor league double-flapped Gazoo batting helmet as opposed to bringing along his own helmet, as Luke Scott recently did. As a side note, the good news lost in all this, is that the injury was to Longo’s left hammy. He might have trouble even swinging the bat if it had been on the right leg, which is the pivot leg during his swing.

THE BAD: James Shields. Interestingly, of Shields 108 pitches yesterday, only 17 (15.7%) were changeups. That is way down, as he was averaging 30.4% prior to this start (which we wondered if it was too much). He also threw 33 (30.6%) fastballs, which is consistent with previous starts. The big difference was the 30 curveballs. However, that pitch was working with 20 strikes and 8 swing-and-misses. But he still got shelled…Carlos Pena. In the 2nd inning, after Ryan Roberts had drawn a lead-off walk, Pena hit a rocket right to first base. Pena may have assumed that Mark Reynolds would just step on first base, so Pena lollygagged out of the box. Instead, Reynolds went to second, and the O’s easily turned two. I hate playing the “if it had been BJ Upton” card, but man, if it had been, Upton would have trouble coming back to the Trop. Then again, BJ has a history, and Pena does not.

THE TELLING: The Rays are now 51-48, 2.5 games behind the A’s for the second wild card.


  • Add the Rangers and Dodgers to the list of teams that have made offers for James Shields. [MLBTR] And we can also add the Indians and Cardinals to the list of teams that have called about James Shields. [ESPN]
  • And the Angels may also have interest in Wade Davis. [Fox Sports]
  • The Rays are one team showing interest in middle infielder Marco Scutaro of the Rockies. [DenverPost]
  • Cute story about the Luke Scott-Jose Lobaton-Ice Cream scene. Turns out Scott has been on Lobatron to stop eating ice cream and stay in shape. So the ice cream was a reward. []
  • Fenway Park converted to a soccer field? Yep. [BI Sports]
  • Here is a fun look into the life of a pitching coach: “I go out there. I say it. I get off [the mound]. There ain’t no conversation. It’s what I see, what I know, and what we better do to fix it.” [MiLB]
  • Can’t say I am sorry to see Brian Price go. [JoeBucsFan]


Gwinnett 8, DURHAM 1. Cear Ramos filled in as a starter and went 5 innings giving up 2 runs. He struck out 3…1B Henry Wrigley was 1-4 with his 10th home run…SS Tim Beckham went 1-4 and 2B Reid Brignac was 1-3 with a walk.

Jackson 5, MONTGOMERY 2. Jake Thompson allowed 5 runs in 5 innings, including 2 home runs…His ERA is now 5.23…1B Michael Sheridan hit his 7th home run…SS Hak-Ju Lee went 1-4 with a double…RF Mikie Mahtook was 0-4 with 3 strikeouts.

CHARLOTTE 3, Dunedin 1Victor  Mateo gave up just 1 unearned run in 5 innings striking out 6 and walking 2…RF Todd Glaesmann hit his 2nd home run of the year.

BOWLING GREEN 6, Lansing 3. RF Drew Vettleson went 3-5 to raise his average to .294…CF Kes Carter played in his first game since April 13 and hit his first home run of the year.

Tri-City @ HUDSON VALLEY. postponed

Bluefield 9, PRINCETON 2. SS Brandon Martin went 1-5 and is hitting .242.





  1. KT says:

    "Scott has been on Lobatron to stop eating ice cream and stay in shape"... With all the talk about Scott's struggles to stay healthy this year, and some saying that this team needs a leader a la Damon, Hinske, or Cliff Floyd, I really have appreciated what I've seen from Scott as a presence on this team. He seems like a genuinely good teammate who has a positive effect on everyone around him.

    Granted that's mostly all gleaned from small samples viewable from the TV broadcasts and little snippets, but still.

    Alas, there's still time for on the field performance, but I think had he not been on the DL so much this year (and had that awful 0 for 40-something stretch) we'd be singing a different tune about Scott.

    That's my rant for now.

    • Beth says:

      On the other hand, you might argue that a guy who is spending so much time on the DL isn't really in a position to hand out fitness advice....if nagging people about their weight is "leadership," my Aunt Frances was a real leader.

      • KT says:

        I dunno, I tend to see it differently. Guy's had some really good years where he was able to play a majority of the season, and quite frankly looks to be in pretty good physical shape. Wanting other players to be at their best is pretty admirable, regardless of if you've been on the DL or not

  2. Beazy says:

    Go Longo!

  3. brianknowsbest says:


    Didnt know Mikie Mahtook got moved up. Missed my radar, did you post anything on that? any way thats a pretty big deal for the rays to Move a prospect in his first full season to AA, no? My thinking, scout must be very high on him. What do you think?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Yep. It was the lead in Tuesday's hangover. It is a big deal, but I think we need to temper the expectations. My feeling is that Mahtook is big league ready now. But I also don't think he has a very high ceiling. I could absolutely be wrong, but he just reminds me of a taller Sam Fuld. That is, he will make it to the big leagues without much problem, but I am not even sure he is an everyday player. More likely to be part of an outfield rotation, much like Fuld now, but maybe with a slightly more prominent role. The reason he was a first-round pick was not because of some high potential, but because he was a safe pick. There was almost no chance he would fail.

      And as strange as it may sound, I think Mahtook moving fast through the system kinda proves that the Rays aren't expecting All-Star numbers. If he had some high potential, the Rays would be taking their time and doing more to develop him. And yes, Longoria moved fast, but Longo was killing minor league pitching. Mahtook is hitting well, but his numbers aren't anything eye-popping.

      • brianknowsbest says:

        ha! sure is the lead. How did i miss that. I thought I havent missed a hangover in months. Thanks cork for your input. Always appreciated.

  4. don says:

    But Pena gets the media support,because he puts on the smile and gives interviews, ever hear ONE media type say "Pena is a nice guy but is just not a very good player" that doesn't fit fan expectations, Bj is not pretty and the Media just rides the fans expectations of lazy, moody, dumb, no hustle....not good player
    everybody is happy...

  5. s says:

    rick ankiel completely released today. dump BJ and put him in the outfield today.

    there's little difference in their offense, except BJ SB's. any loss in range is easily made up for in ankiel's arm.

    we dump a huge salary, get something for him in return, and we pick up ankiel for NOTHING. i'm pretty sure that with the new CBA, we would have to offer BJ 12.5 million in order for him to give us any draftpicks if he bolts. can you imagine if we did offer him that and nobody else matched that offer? a $12.5 million OF on the rays? dump him today.

    • KT says:

      Dump BJ? I think they'd rather listen to offers on him than get nothing for him.

    • Tom says:

      Ankiel has not had a good year since 2008. His OPS has been above .700 only once in the past 4 years and it was .709 that year. There is a reason he was released.


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