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Playing A Little Pepper

We heard earlier today that a lot of teams are interested in trading for Wade Davis. But considering how important he is in the bullpen and how he is signed long-term at a reasonable price, would the Rays dare trade him?

This depends. On the one hand, Davis is the ideal player for the Rays. He is young, effective, relatively cheap, and signed long-term. And most importantly, he offers the team stability in an area they rarely find any. But let’s face it, one thing this front office has proven is that cheap and effective relievers can be found. And if other teams still see Big Dub as a starting pitcher, his value to other teams will far exceed his value to the Rays. And that’s when a trade will happen. Would the Rays prefer to keep Davis? Of course. But if another team really wants Davis and makes a big offer, the Rays won’t say ‘no’…YES, IN A HEARTBEAT


  1. BJ Upton, CF
  2. Carlos Pena, 1B
  3. Ben Zobrist, 2B
  4. Matt Joyce, RF
  5. Jeff Keppinger, 3B
  6. Luke Scott, DH
  7. Flash Jennings, LF
  8. Jose Molina, C
  9. Sean Rodriguez, SS
  10. James Shields, SP

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  1. Beazy says:

    Bossman leading not just our field...

  2. Don M. says:

    I think they would , and if someone offers the right deal they should. I like Wade Davis, but going forward if they don't see him in the rotation, they will make a deal , it's just not good economic sense for how the roll.

  3. Dave L says:

    I don't expect any big offers for Wade. Only things the Rays consider a lateral move so why do it?

    We have to remember the Rays mid to long term plan is to field a team that wins 88 to 90+ games EVERY year not try to shoot the moon one year and go for broke to try to win it all. Field a good team every year and if all things click maybe we make it to the World Series once again but if not at least be in the mix every September.

    They know another cellar team will KILL attendence and the best way to avoid that is GOOD PITCHING.

    We will not trade any young good arm who is relatively cheap. Didn't happen in the past offseason and aint gonna happen now.

    Only scenarios for trades are outlined in 1 and 2 below.

    Thats my opinion based on the past actions and statements from the braintrust, and I happen to think they have a sound plan. Yes I drink the Maddon kool aide every summer and it tastes delicious thank you very much.

  4. Pete C. says:

    As you mention, Davis is signed long term. Doesn't figure. Any trade for prospects would have to involve Shields, who will be too expensive for the Rays payroll. Plus he has been a 200 inning pitcher so the timing is right as he may have seen his best days. If the Rays wait too long his trade value will tumble.


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