Well, this is as disturbing as it gets. According to WTSP.com, federal authorities have arrested a 57-year old Largo man for planning to kidnap, cook, and eat young children. And that man, who works as a puppeteer, appears to have at least once worked at Tropicana Field for the Rays during a Family Fun Days game (image at right is from the suspect’s Facebook page)…

A 57-year-old local puppeteer from Largo is accused of planning to kidnap children — specifically toddlers — torture them, rape them, murder them, then cook their body parts on a stove, according to federal documents…Brown started his puppeteer company in 1992, Puppet Plus. On Facebook, Brown brags about performing in schools and malls, even for the Tampa Bay Rays.

And here is where it gets real disgusting. This man allegedly had an online chat conversation with another man which included the following statements…

“Summer is heating up, should be good pickins…It’s so hot, the kids are almost naked out there…My mouth watered looking at her for sure”…Those comments were the tamest and cleanest of the comments, by far.

The agents also said they found pictures of children in bondage as well as pictures of dead children on the man’s computer.

Obviously it is not the fault of the Rays that he worked at The Trop. They can’t go home-to-home and check the computer for everybody they hire. But it does go to show you that you have to be careful with your children everywhere.



  1. Rome says:

    Disgusting. Really puts a perspective on baseball when you hear about things like this. I have no humanity for people like him. Sick.

  2. s says:

    was this the puppet guy that used to "work" at entrance of the rays tank? it was at the area that people were "staged" and prepped before they were allowed in. i immediately thought about it when i saw the arrest.

    • slacker775 says:

      I hope that's not the same puppeteer. Waiting at the bottom of the stairs to go to the tank back in April there was a puppeteer guy there entertaining my kids some. Unbelievably creepy.....

      • s says:

        lot's of bums work at the stadium? huh? you somehow equate an children's entertainer that stated that he wanted to eat children to some other questionable people working at the trop. wow, a little stretch don't you think! he was there to be around children, not pick up trash, it's a little different.

        is this news? let's see, this is a rays site, the creepy suspect had previous ties to the rays, so yes it's news.

        slacker, i don't know if it was the same guy. the guy that we saw at the tank had on makeup. either way, he was pretty odd, and it seemed to make the parents more uncomfortable than anything.

  3. Burg says:

    Can he hit?, can't be any worse then Matsui

  4. Don says:

    Poor Rays have to be tied into something(someone) like this, Has nothing to do with nothing, Hes an independent businessman who got some work at the Trop.. Not the EX.VP....so what? lots of bums work at the stadium, picking up trash,parking cars, cooking your Hot dog(enjoy)

  5. C-lay says:

    Yellow journalism.


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