Joe is back with his post-game thoughts…

Joe doesn’t know if he wants to cry or drink beer… or both! The Rays recent woes at home continued, losing a close game to Detroit this afternoon.

Man, it seemed as if the Rays were poised for a combat in the seventh. With Zorilla and Godzilla on base and one out, surely the modern-day Bombers could get a hit and get a run home, or better, a double and perhaps tie the game.

No, Merlot Joe decided to channel Whitey Herzog and steal. Joe often has no problem with this philosophy, but Zorilla will never be confused with Vince Coleman or Ozzie Smith or Willie McGee.

Besides, the Rays needed two runs, not one.

Zorilla runs right into a perfect throw and tag by the Tigers for the second out and predictably Jose Molina flies out to end the frame.

But this is what the Rays have become. Without Dirtbag, maybe the rest of the season, and Andrew Friedman refusing to pull off a trade that might bring in a worthy bat or two despite a surplus of arms in the organization, this is what we should expect from the Derek Shelton-nine: If the Rays don’t get a dynamite pitching performance, they struggle worse that Joe working the Bucs cheerleaders at a trendy south Tampa hotspot.



  1. Rob says:

    Time to start thinking about the future. What can we do now to be better next year?

  2. KT says:

    It wasn't a steal, it was an attempt to advance on a pass ball that didn't work out. Don't pin that on maddon

  3. Pablo says:

    The Rays seem to have lost the drive to win. Maybe it's all the injuries...but I don't understand why that would be. BJ hit a little pop up at the end of the game today, and the look on his face, and body english was..."oh, well...maybe next time...". And it's not just BJ...nobody seems to have any real desire to win, or any distress when they lose. Not to beat a dead horse but I think not renewing Damon was a mistake. I understand the Rays' philosophy...get a better, longer lived bat, which it doesn't seem they did...but Damon brought something to the team they don't seem to have now...hustle...and a real desire to win.

    • Rob says:

      I agree they look like they are in a daze half the time. The body language screams apathy to me.

  4. Tone says:

    This team gave up after Longoria's rehab was cancelled. I think the coaches deserve a healthy dose of scrutiny. They have an amazing pitching staff, you can't let your team quit like that. I think it's likely too late now, since even the 2009 team had a better record up to this point. The 2009 team went 9-13 in April, but still finished June with a 44-34 record. I think this team has a strong chance of being just a .500 team or possibly worse by season's end.

  5. Mike says:

    I agree with the pitching surplus. What good is pitching a shut out when your can't score runs??? Get some bats and fire Sheldon - like Cleveland did!

  6. Raysfan137 says:

    The team has apathy because the coaches and owners do. Many of us have been saying fire Shelton since 2010. Even if it isn't his fault in the slightest, as some still tend to believe, this is business. And the senior execs need to send a message to players and fans alike that we are not OK with this crappy offense. You want to sell tickets ? Show you care about the product. People want to see SOME offense. We don't expect a Yankee lineup. But we don't expect the apathy that has been shown. Who cares about your wealth of arms ? It's about winning and losing. We're losing. It's about generating some semblance of offense and making it exciting. It makes our stomachs sick watching other teams slap singles and doubles out there like it is so easy, generating runs throughout at game, while we 1-2-3 most innings, occasionally getting something started only to whiff or popup with less than 2 outs and RISP. There are missed opportunities every game that could and would change the complexion of most those games.

    I said it couple of years ago, and I'll say it again:

    "The Derek Shelton School of Hitting, We Make is as Simple as 1-2-3".

    Don't bother launching a response saying how it's not his fault; the hitting coach can't go swing the bat for them; guys at this level shouldn't need someone to help adjust mechanics, etc. It's all been said. Hitting coach is his title. Hitting we are not doing. He is not effective. Period. Get someone who is or not, but at least send a message that you're not OK with how things are.

    One additional closing vent: So sick of hearing from our Rays salaried media guys: "If you had told us Longo would be hurt, we'd have all of these other guys on the DL, blah blah blah, and we'd have this record at this, we'd take it." That line lost it's punch a LONG time ago. If you had told me we'd be 7.5 games back at any point during the season, I would NOT take it. That's the very attitude that does NOT win championships of any kind.

    Rays management, here's my simple formula for turning this around AND selling some tickets:

    1. Show you care and are NOT complacent and OK with mediocrity, fire 1-2-3 Shelton (while you're at it, tell Joe Mad One to bench players when they are slumping once in a while. DH-ing BJ, who was like .069 in his last 7 games did what ?)

    2. Show you can diversify your portfolio like you did on Wall St. - trade an arm for some offense (REAL offense, not has beens or 3 years from now potential).

    3. Let the media guys vent and say how they really feel. The Kool Aid approach just causes more fan frustration.


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