Joe is back with his postgame thoughts…

Merlot Joe Maddon must be hitting the boiling point because Joe sure has. If it isn’t sloppy defense or this nonsensical Derek Shelton cult that guys hitting barely over .200 are an asset because they draw a walk, then it’s the pitching staff not living up to their talents which has gotten Joe so frustrated he’s ready to turn to hard liquor.

The Rays had a nice lead on a team that gives them fits, the Tribe. With Hellboy on the mound and a four-run lead, Joe was confident.

Then the bullpen has a meltdown thus leading to a Merlot Joe meltdown.

And Joe doesn’t blame Merlot Joe at all.

First Hellboy runs out of gas, then the Rays get blasted for five runs in the seventh, highlighted by Carlos Santana’s three-run blast to dead-center.

Ballgame. Loss.

Simply put, the Rays have put all their eggs in one basket. The team decided to rely on its pitching staff to lead them to another October. But when the pitching staff doesn’t live up to expectations, you can’t expect an offensive offense loaded with other teams’ castoffs and punch-and-Judy hitters to carry a team.



  1. petethehat says:

    I'm so sick and tired of JoMa protecting and defending Derek Shelton. He's never had a team hit wherever he's been and Maddon's defense of him includes initially: he's a hard worker. Well I'm sorry, but I know lot's of hard workers who are not really very good at what they we really pay coaches to try hard?! When your team is third to last in batting average (in the Majors) and 2nd in strikeouts, Man, there's something seriously wrong! And Derek, no offense , dude , but working harder is not gonna help...knowing what your doing, teaching n instilling a hitting discipline and motivating properly, might!

  2. Andy says:

    Pete's assessment of Shelton & JoeMad's defense of him is spot on!! So was JoeMad's comment in Tuesday's Trib when he said, "he does enjoy the challenge of trying to piece together the lineup on a daily basis. It reminds him of his days managing in the minor leagues." Sadly, their offensive offense reminds us of the same!! 🙁

  3. s says:

    what have i been saying. quit the little league crap. when you go up to the plate and all you are concern about is walking to first, then don't blame the umps when they get sick of it and ring you up.

    this is a joke. who had the best obp last night? umm we did, but once again that's a worthless stat. 2 men on 2 outs, what does a walk do for you? nothing, except making the next batter get a hit. 2 men on 2 outs, what does a hit does a hit do for you? scores two runs, yet they both have the same OBP.

    ben zobrist had 5 AB and AVERAGED 1.2 SWINGS per AB. are you kidding me? 21 pitches 6 swings. once again little league. joe, you got 10 walks due to the umpires judgement, yet you get tossed when they either miss a call or got tired of doing the work for your team. pathetic.

    we had two people getting hits, the rest of the team was looking for a free pass. it's the "rays way". but usually we don't have two people on fire.

    • don says:

      You can single out Zobrist, but he was taught that "sit & wait." he wasn't like that when he came to the Rays...Ben is a sorta of do as your told kinda of guy....without him the Rays are nothing..

      • s says:

        he's had 310 AB and produced what? 38 RBI's. the same reason he reaches base is the same reason his R and RBI stats stink. Ben Zobrist is a product of the system.

        i could send a 4'9 little leaguer (or will rhymes) with speed up to the plate, velcro the bat to his shoulder, and produce the OBP and R totals that Zobrist has.

        Ben Zobrist is at best a .260 hitter with 25HR on ANY team you put him on. Maybe less because he might get less AB on another roster. you're acting like he's a supressed All-Star due to the system he's in. Hardly!!

        how many times in watching baseball have you seen a MLB player stand and watch 7 pitches without swinging the bat? honestly, other than Zobrist this year, how many times have you actually witnessed it?

        • Drew says:

          Seriously? Complaining about getting on base? Never heard anyone complain about getting walks. He's walking more this season than he ever has. Should we also complain that he's lowered his strikeout rate to the lowest of his career?

          • s says:

            little league drew. if i don't swing, then i surely expect my strikeouts to go down. how many major league pitchers get 100% of their K's on pitches over the plate? ZERO, they depend on batters swinging at pitches out of the zone. Zobrist doesn't swing, so hell yes i expect his strikeouts to be lower.

            OBP? what does that produce? Zobrist is 13th in AL OBP yet he is next to last in RBI's in that group. he has the worst batting average BY FAR of those 13 and his run totals are also in the bottom 1/3 of that group. OBP that is achieved EXCLUSIVELY by walks is a useless stat.

            he gets on base because of the system. he doesn't get pushed acrossed home because of the system. his OBP is meaningless due to the system.

            ONCE AGAIN,
            how many times have you seen a batter take 7 pitches in an AB?

        • Dave L says:

          So what your saying is that he needs to swing at more bad pitches (balls)?

          Thats the only logical conclusion one can make from your arguments.

          Please explain the little league reference also. I don't understand what you mean by that.

  4. don says:

    Wanta hear the battle cry of a loser.....
    "If it wasn't for that umpire's call we would have won that game"
    "BY a centimeter that ball was foul or we would have won that game"
    "Its not the HITTING coach's fault our players can't hit"
    ALL famous Joe Madon quotes.....
    I got one for you Joe.... "your no longer a 25yr. bench coach,best friend of the players, stop acting like one"

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