Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Joe’s not naive enough to think Sam Fuld is going to put the Rays over the top and cure their ills, but it was damn nice to see energetic fundamental baseball return to the field for the good guys.

Fuld was a big part of tonight’s 3-1 win in Baltimore. Him out there battling, bunting, running and playing a sound outfield was a welcome sight, as was Matt Joyce continuing to look dialed in at the plate and extending his hitting streak to five games.

Hedeki who?

The pitching reaching a new level of dominance should have even the most stout pessimist wondering what the Rays might pull off, even if they sit tight at the trade deadline. Hellboy had another gem of an outing and finally got some support. Fernando Rodney was shaky, but his comeback from 3-and-0 on Adam Jones with three straight changeups for a strikeout was brilliant.

David Price goes tomorrow. Evan Longoria is making strides. Hope has returned.





  1. Allen says:

    I like Madden, I just don't understand him. He seems to have the weirdest lineups in all of baseball. Why in the world is Keppinger hitting clean up? He's not a power hitter, he's a put-the-bat-on-the-ball, slap it around type hitter who seems better to lead off or bat second. Why does Joe persist in putting a strikeout artist, Pena or Upton, in the #2 spot?

    Maybe Fuld will put a spark into the team. I agree with Merlot Joe, there is hope for this team. As Yogi used to say, "It ain't over 'til it's over." I've always hated the Yankees but I'm a huge fan of Yogi.

    Go Rays!

  2. Andy says:

    Have to say it was pleasant to see lineup w/o Karlos or Matsewer!! As the game went on, I wondered why SRod wasn't playing 3rd instead of Conrad. Maddon ultimately got to that, but only after Conrad did right by him & hit that 2-run HR!!! Gotta give up for JoeMad on that one 🙂

    Gr8 to see Helly finally get another win!!! & Super Sammy flying around the bases (at least to 2nd on that steal) was, well, super!! 😀


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