Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Apologies up front to the Joe Maddon apologists, but it was damn foolish to leave Kyle Farnsworth on the hill in the eighth inning — with a two run lead — for anything beyond the first two walks he allowed.

Farnsworth isn’t some young pitcher needing confidence, or a borderline fragile mental patient–type like J.P. Howell. He’s a 36-year-old who’s worked in relief for the majority of his career. He knows the hook is coming, and deserved, when it’s clear he’s not sharp in a critical spot.

But no, Maddon let Farnsworth struggle his way to four eighth-inning walks before giving way to Jake McGee, who couldn’t hold the lead.


This Joe couldn’t bear to listen to the postgame show to hear a bunch of drivel about saving the bullpen, or sticking with Farnsworth. There’s a game against the division leader in front of you to close out in the eighth. You go get it. You don’t play for another day with a sweep against the Yankees on the line.

Poor David Price, who did just about as much as possibly could be expected to get a win.

Joe is especially peeved to have witnessed this debacle alongside what had to be close to a 50-50 split of Yankee fans at the Trop. Definitely the worst ratio Joe could remember in some time. Joe’s so mad he could hit someone with a bat. Perhaps he’ll use the one Luke Scott keeps on his shoulder.





  1. T. Bass says:

    It's time to make an July trade especially since the Marlins got Carlos Lee for 2 mid
    level prospects and Houston taking on most of the 9 Mil left for this season. Alfonso Soriano Please!!!!

    • MarkE says:

      And there it was. The comment "they're not going to make a trade just for the sake of making a trade this week". Brian and Dewayne on yesterday's broadcast.

      Seriously, I'm so, so tired of hearing that year after year after year. It may actually bite you this year FO. If you can't (won't) spend the money, JUST SAY IT. Don't give us the we "want to see what THIS offense can do" excuse (also heard again yesterday). I think we fans are tired, and quite aware, of what 'THIS offense can('t) do'.

      Front office: your activity, or lack of activity this week will tell us fans where you stand.

  2. Andy says:

    A travesty to all Rays' fans & players, but especially to David Price!!! He had a win ripped from his hands!!! If this ends up costing him a chance at the Cy Young award, he should cane Farnsworth!!!

  3. MarkE says:

    Another "Joe knows better than everyone else" moment. When are the "Magic of Maddon" apologists going to comment on the ever-growing list of nonsense moves made by Magic JoeMa that have singlehandedly lost games this year?

    All you ever hear about JoeMa is how his nontraditional, magic, sixth-sense seems to somehow work out "every time". Well, the fact is, it hasn't worked out this season very often. Everyone chooses to remember his uncouth moves magically working, but nobody mentions stupid decisions like yesterday's game biting the Rays in the butt.

    I totally understand that he has to be creative with the depleted staff this year, but please, let's use the talent WE HAVE intelligently when the opportunities to steal a game from our #1 enemy present themselves.

  4. roger says:

    Between the idiots on the post-game radio show and the drivel being posted here, I'm embarrassed to be a Rays fan this morning. If you think Joe Madden is doing such a terrible job, let me tell you - there are 29 other major league teams that would JUMP at the chance to make him their manager.

    There are hundreds of decisions to make in every baseball game, and nobody's perfect. But Madden is doing the best he can to squeeze out wins using the remaining bodies on the roster. Y'all need to stop whining like spoiled children.

  5. I have to blame this stinker on Joe Madden, I was expecting to see Peralta in the 8th and Rodney in the 9th. Easy 12th win for Price.

    What happened to JoeBucFan? I haven't been able to access it for 3 days.


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