Joe is back with his post-game thoughts…

Joe has been pretty hard on Karlos Pena this year. His defensive footwork has slipped, sometimes terribly so, and oh, man, those strikeouts!

As much as Karlos Pena drives Joe to drink (more), there is no question where Karlos’ heart is and it showed this evening in a marathon 14-inning win by the Rays.

After roping a liner to right just in front of Ichiro Suzuki, Zorilla turns on a pitch just inside the right field line for an extra-base hit, his sixth time on base Friday night (it’s already Saturday morning).

Karlos, not exactly fleet of feet, chugged around second and didn’t hesitate heading for home, a ballsy move with Ichiro fielding the ball.

But Karlos got a couple of breaks. Ichiro briefly bobbled the ball, then didn’t hit a cut off man (a sin in the Far East). His throw was to the first base side of the plate, which was just enough for Karlos to barely get a toe to touch the plate in front of the tag.

No, in Joe’s eyes, Karlos has been anything but a productive player this year. Please save the walks nonsense! Most men are attracted to beautiful women; others are aroused by a walk. If walks were the key to solid offensive baseball, MLB rosters would be loaded with midgets. If Eddie Gadel was so great, why did he have only one at-bat?

That written, Pena’s heart has always been in the right place, and it paid off with a victory Friday.



  1. LSX says:

    Solid effort from Shields and the bullpen as well. Remember a month ago when everyone was calling for Howell's head? Thank God that Maddon has more faith in his players than most fans. It was only a matter of time before Howell got his stuff together.

  2. s says:

    could there be a worse nickname for luke scott? wolverine in indestructible mutant with instant recovery ability, luke scott is made of glass. he is a fragile piece of china!!!

  3. don says:

    You have Pena pegged pretty good! Heart only takes you so far with lack of hitting ability....
    If I ever see ourJapanese buddy or Conrad (who) at the plate again it will be too soon....we have to have somebody better than.150 hitters
    Tell Maddon to watch MLB best plays(Fri) for cleveland..Jonny Damon on again. with spectacular catches in left field....He can't play outfield hey Maddon but Luke Scott can....when?After he gets done with sore muscles?

    • KT says:

      Yep, Damon's crushing it. .233 with 4HR and 17 Ribbies (I know you love the basic stats). Man I wish we had him back. It's kind of cute how him and Kotch have near identical batting averages with their new team though right?


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