This shouldn’t come as a surprise. As we mentioned yesterday, there just weren’t any areas that the Rays were going to be able to significantly improve with a trade short of trading one of their starting pitchers. And all indications the last few days were that the Rays had little interest in trading James Shieldsthe one starting pitcher that most teams coveted. And nobody was going to pay starting pitcher prices for Wade Davis, which is likely what the Rays were commanding.



  1. franco says:

    i am really disappointed. The offense is pathetic and I just dont see us making a serious playoff run without some offensive punch. all this talk about Longo coming back is fine, but we have such a razor thin margin playing the pitching & defense game that it just makes me sick watching our lack of clutch hitting. what good is all this pitching depth if we can take some of those assets to get some offensive help.

  2. s says:

    completely dropped the ball on upton. we may get nothing for him when he walks at the end of the year. what happened to buy low/ sell high? we went through how many trade deadlines/offseason with other teams that were kicking the tires?

    yet we held on to him waiting on his “potential” to finally develop. what a joke.

    • Tom says:

      If the Rays traded Upton I do not think they would have received anyone who could help them this year though. The Phillies received only prospects for Pence and Victorino and they are both better players than Upton.

      • I would have rather have gotten a mid level prospect for Upton (that might pay off later) than keeping him around to bat .230 and strike out another 75 times over the next 8-9 weeks. When you factor in the what the qualifying offer under the new CBA will need to be ($12.5 Million guaranteed) to gain draft compensation for him, it makes it more obvious it should have been dealt for whatever the market would bear. He is now purely a rental player for the remainder of the year and they will likely get zero in return for him.

  3. Beazy says:

    We can bat, we had the best record in the majors in the beginning when we were hitting, now I don’t know if it’s going to take a confidence boosting walkoff at home, practice, a team vacation to Shepard’s to go get drunk, have fun, and get laid, or they need to simply need to get there heads out of there, well, you know where, but the nice thing is that if so with all the games we have left til’ the playoffs, then we’ll still be playing in Nov….

    • franco says:

      Besides longo and sometimes Zobrist, we do not have any players that can be considered a decent threat. With our upper minors devoid of any offensive punch, where is it going to come from unless we trade from our strength, which is pitching. I wonder if we are “over-valuing” our own players vs other team’s players.

      • Tom says:

        Just a quibble, Joyce is a threat.

      • MJ says:

        I wonder the same thing at times. I wouldn’t typically be so dense as to doubt the Rays FO. But i really think the Rays missed the boat on the Rizzos, Alonsos, Grandals of the world, and now there was nothing as certain and proven out there. And we are left w/ tons of starting pitchers. I can see us trading Shields in the offseason, but for whom?

  4. Cork Gaines says:

    I’m not sure what your point is. I said they were not going to improve those positions without trading a pitcher. And then your response is to say the Rays could have improved those positions by trading a pitcher. You just said the exact same thing I said. So either your comment was also “one of the funniest lines” you have read all year, or mine wasn’t actually as funny as you think it is…pick one…

  5. Rob says:

    I think Don just means it is ridiculous that the Rays were unwilling to give up some depth in pitching to improve their terrible offense.

  6. Don says:

    Oh i thought you had it in your mind that the Rays had other options to improve almost every position (short of trading pitchers), thus they didn’t do it..I was trying to figure just exactly who you had in mind, so I was going to pick a few (trade bait) pictchers for you (and the Rays)

  7. Cork Gaines says:

    Oh. In that case, as you were. *quietly sneaks out the side door*

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