Matt Joyce spoke with the media today and said he hopes to be back playing “within two weeks” (via Marc Topkin). Of course, even then, he will still need a rehab stint in the minors. So it sounds like we won’t see him back with the Rays until August.



  1. Joe says:

    Within 2 weeks includes the rehab stint but setbacks are the new thing for the Rays in 2012 so....

  2. Joe says:

    Target dates if IF they are no set backs

    Joyce - Week of July 20th
    Fuld - Also week of 20th
    Longoria - Mid August....blah
    Niemann - I'm calling him a September call up to the bullpen but that's just me

    Of course set backs to any of them can end all their seasons especially if Evan has a 2nd one.


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