I might not have believed if I hadn’t witnessed it myself, but the impossible occurred today when Jose Molina stole a base. Granted, he got a running lead, or as the Indians commentators described it, “well, a running start for him.”

But what’s really going to blow your mind is this: It was 13th steal of his career. He had two last year!

Here’s the play. Also, click below to see two other views, including the reaction by the catcher and BJ Upton

Here’s a close-up of the slide. And no, this is not how Tom Emansky would teach it…

Finally, here’s the catcher and Upton, who looks like he is trying real hard to not laught…



  1. Dave L says:

    Its funny how a loss will stir up a hornets nest of indignant responses but a decisive shut out victory with lock down defense, timely hitting, and overpowering pitching, draws the obligatory nonsensical attempt at negativity from anti-fan Don and a bunch of crickets chirping.

    I for one see the seeds of a team that can contend until October and thats good enough for me. Hell all the wild card contenders have issues, so why not the Rays?

    Those asking for a trade to bring in a veteran bat need to review Rays history realistically ask if thats going to happen then likewise ask for Pena to transform into a contact hitter, Maddon to get lasik surgery and AF to fire DS and bring in Vladdy G to be the new DH/ hitting coach for the stretch run.

    Nope better to come here after every loss and demand things that will never happen. Then congratulate yourself at predicting continued failure since they arent listening to your sage timeless baseball wisdom about how the game should be played, the old fashioned way.

    • don says:

      It must be fascinating to live in YOUR world...Price pitches his normal game and the offensive has an explosion for 6 runs and your contending in October.....
      Whats your outlook for the economy...I need an uplift for this morning...

  2. ALLEN says:

    There's not going to be a major make over of this team, but it could replace Hidecki Matsui, once a capable power hitter who now needs to retire.


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