Dear Bud Selig,

I like you. I really do. I have long been a supporter of yours and thought the bad rap you get is often undeserved. But quite frankly I am sick and effing tired of hearing your comments on the Tampa Bay Rays’ stadium situation.

Earlier today, you referred to the Rays attendance (29th out of 30 teams) and used words like “inexcusable” and “disappointing,” and how “nobody can defend that.” Strong words to be sure.

But guess what Bud. We already know this. The Rays already know this. The media already knows this. EVERYBODY already knows this.

What we need are ideas and solutions. We need positive rhetoric. What we don’t know need is a commissioner trashing one of his own team’s customers. And we don’t need another blowhard dumping on the situation from 2,000 miles away.

So, until you want to be part of the solution and want to come down here and help. And until you’ve got something new to add to the conversation…


Cool? Cool.




  1. Joe says:

    And the problem is Cork as you so astutely pointed out is that nothing is new! He says the same thing! And it’s about time Stu Sternberg is painted in the same cloth as Selig too. It’s about time for civic and community leaders in Tampa Bay to take the gloves off and tell MLB to SHUT THE HELL UP and either love it or stop complaining! It is what it is, and there is the finest of lines between a reason and an excuse. Selig offers no solutions and nor does Sternberg except go to Selig. It’s time that MLB is exposed and the media surrogates who support this crap are exposed as well!

  2. Joe says:

    The nail is hit on the head, he trashed on the customer and he trashed and dumped the market. His comments reflect MLB’s view of Tampa Bay. How can this action not go uncontested? How can a sane mind not be offended by this comment? Is the market not perfect, of course not, but Selig obviously doesn’t care about it.

    My other point is that Sternberg is behind this too. This is how he feels. He may not go out of his way to make the comments but make no mistake that he feels that way. The fact that no one cares to FIGHT for Tampa Bay or the fans’ plight in this is miserable. I have been talking about our media being a part of the problem and I stand by that. No one wants to defend the market, so I believe that part of the problem is a psychological one as well.

  3. Raysfan137 says:

    Let me start by saying I agree completely with what you’re saying. But I have one caveat that might be slightly contradictory to, Cork. The point that’s being lost when we all get frustrated is that MLB and The Tampa Bay Rays are private businesses. Selig and Stu are the leaders of that business. If we don’t like what those business leaders are doing with their product, or how they’re marketing it, we should stop buying it. But therein lies the rub. We want to emotionally separate this entity we love, called The Rays, from the product Selig and Stu are “supposed” to be selling. Would Pepsi ever go into the public media and say, “that people are buying more Coke” is inexcusable ? By trashing the market, aren’t they playing a little Rachel Phelps with us ? In what other private business would we let business leaders get away with demanding that we buy their product ? We don’t. We say, “Make it the product we want, and we will buy it”.

    I’m sort of saying the same thing as the rest of you, I think, but from the opposite angle. We either need to ignore this crap, or call their bluff somehow and force them into action.

    Are willing to stop buying ? Unfortunately, they are the only crack dealer on the block, and we’re all hooked.

  4. don says:

    If I was a member of the LOCAL media I would go to Selig and say Bud, ” you know your right… Tampabay needs a new stadium but as you know the local citizens can not/will not pay for it so how about MLB and the current owners put up the Money necessary to build it…you know for the betterment of baseball as a growing business….How much of the total $800mil can you contribute”
    That would be the end of the interview….

  5. Gus says:

    Rays 2012 Attendance: 885,060.

    Kansas City (host city of the All-Star Game) 2012 attendance (with newly remodled stadium): 871,677.

    One is disappointing. The other is in a baseball renaissance. Give me a break.

    • Raysfan137 says:

      Math. Always seems to get in the way of idiots with agendas, doesn’t it ? Nice one, Gus.

    • Chris G. says:

      guys. that’s nice and all. But the Royals have played seven fewer home games. that’s why people use average attendance. They are also 7.5 back in the wild card.

      • Raysfan137 says:

        If you’re going to use averages then you also have to start looking at populations and population within similar drive time to stadium, demographics, etc. – at which point I could make the math say whatever I want. In fact, if I use the Rays home city of St. Petersburg, for 2011, attendance was higher than the Yankees and is blowing them away for 2012. It’s not the point. The point is Selig is spouting BS even doesn’t believe to work and agenda. He’s not being a businessman, he’s being a politician. And apparently Chris G. is his personal assistant.

        • Chris G. says:

          I dont want to turn this into an argument, because I agree that Selig is a butthole. But percentage of population only goes so far. If a city 200 people and 199 show up to every game that doesn’t mean it is capable of supporting a major league baseball team.

          But if you tell people that a high percentage is showing up and it is still only 29th out of 30 teams, the naysayers are just going to use that as evidence that Tampa-StPete is not a big league market.

          • s says:

            is cleveland a big league market? they’re a half game behind us for the wildcard and 3 games out of first. what’s their stadium situation?

            pittsburgh? leading their division for the first time in how long? drawing 25K, less than 1k over last year.

            san diego? KC? how about houston in that brand new stadium that we were all drooling over? 26th in the league?

            how about the white sox? isn’t chicago a MLB city? first in their division yet 25th in the league in attendance with around 23K a night. 57% full, what a f-ing joke.

            but it’s not trend to bash all of them nightly on espn, right? cmon chris what’s an MLB city?

  6. s says:

    stu and the rays aren’t going anywhere, even if they are stuck in the trop. other than the rays, does stu have ANY investments that have turned him a $10million profit every year they own him. in this economy.

    and before you guys start, the welfare system(profit sharing) isn’t going to stop in MLB. so the profits will continue. how can selig write checks to the padres, a’s, royals, pirates, and others yet not continue to write them for the rays?

    jesus, cleveland is having their best year in a while and we still outdraw them. yet where’s the uproar? and that’s a damn fine stadium they have. i’m sick out it also cork, mlb needs to quit threatening and STFU. once again, stu bought the team in a bad lease, but HE signed a bad TV contract. i sure don’t hear them or MLB whining about that as a reason they’re not able to field the team they desire.

    stu, let’s be honest, you had a chance at the mets last year. yet you stayed with the rays? hmmmm, wonder why? probably because you can turn a better profit with the rays? no couldn’t be, could it?

    • s says:

      and also, where’s the outrage for a 75% full brand new stadium in miami. and we all know that’s no where near actual attendance. actual attendance would be easily in the 65% range.

      how much did that cost the city of miami? and realistically they are putting 4K or 5K a night in the brand new stadium. in 3 years they will be right around 20K actual a night, the same as we draw in the trop. the city will NEVER see any return on that money.

      we should make selig, stu and mlb sign an agreement stating that the tampa/st pete area will build a stadium if they guaranteed 30,000 a night for 6 years, if not then they would be on the hook for half the cost. if they are so confident that a stadium will make such a huge difference, especially in the long run, then they shouldn’t have any issue putting up or shutting up.

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