Andrew Friedman recently went on the MLB Network and discussed a number of topics, including the team’s injuries, the trade deadline, and whether or not James Shields is on the market. Here is the video. You can read his answers to a few of the more important questions below…

On if they have identified their needs:

“I think, with all of our injuries and not really knowing when guys are going to come back, that’s the issue for us…The Evan Longoria situation is, obviously, something that would push us in a couple of different ways depending on when he’s going to come back and we don’t really have any clarity there.”

On how Evan Longoria’s injury has affected the team’s trade plans:

“I think the Longoria situation has been the most challenging, only because of not knowing…If when it happened on April 30, if someone would’ve said,  ‘Hey, it’s going to be until this date,’ it would have provided us a lot of clarity to go out and try to address it, but it’s kind of been a moving target a little bit…If we’re able to get Joyce back, Sam Fuld back and Longoria back, we feel we’re going to have a good offensive team.”

On the trade rumors surrounding James Shields:

“If we ever have to go to market to try to get pitching, we’re doomed.  We can’t afford it.  There’s no other way for us to really access it.  So with the depth that we have right now, we’re not going to be flippant about it.  We’re not going to be too quick to move.  But that being said, we do have a lot of depth and concentration of assets in our starting rotation…Because of how sensitive we are of ever waking up one day without five good starters to compete in this American League East, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t do anything on that front.”

On the team not making many trades in-season:

“For us to be able to maintain success over a multi-year period, it’s really important for us not to get into a situation where we’re trading off really good, young pieces for a short-term fix. But we’ve been very aggressive in the past few years of trying to do something.  In more cases than not, I’m happy that the teams went another direction as opposed to going with our deal.”



  1. KT says:

    "I’m happy that the teams went another direction as opposed to going with our deal.”

    I'd love to know the details on some of these deals, if they really existed

  2. Dave L says:

    Its never too early to speculate about anything, hell its the internets, but I think its too early to expect any trades any time soon. Here's why:

    1) With only 3 teams out of the Wild Card hunt in the AL and maybe 4 or so in the NL there may be alot of buyers but very few sellers. No GM can afford to appear to be writing off the season who has a decent mathematical chance in late July which can hurt the almighty attendance.

    2) The hope of the Rays trading for proven offensive help for this year is a pipe dream. It goes against this regimes recent history and any over 30 guy will cost too much. The only chance would be a younger guy still in his 1st contract we can afford for the remainder 1 or 2 years. But a proven young guy likely isnt on the blocks. Would have to be a middle infielder or catcher and the list is minute.

    3) Last years comeback makes 'being out of the race' a bigger deficit than normal to be necessary to trade a guy the end of Aug ala Kaz. So likely BJ will go the way of Carl and stick around to the bitter end unless we are 8-10+ back of Det, LAA AND the O's by august 30 or whatever the real deadline is. I dont see that happening.

    No way Archer or Cobb is going anywhere read AF above on that. Davis and Niemann dont bring back anything sigificant in return.

    This year proved that cheap good young arms can make up for alot of bad offense.

    Here is the only scenario:

    End of Aug it becomes obvious Longo is not coming back even as a DH in September and hope is lost. We are 10+ back and Shields pitches better but his run support even gets worse and he more or less asks to be traded, he may already have, but I doubt it.

    BJ would also have some value in that scenario but not nearly as much as Shields, what he would bring in return would be maybe a couple of AA guys.

    I think enough teams would covet a motivated Shields to help them down the stretch and we could get a nice group of CHEAP prospects in return to help us in the future.

    So we will win or lose with the 40 man roster on the link to the right. If we lose big changes might come. I know many who post here would take losing big to get those changes to occur.

    Me - I prefer winning now I never root for my team to lose or players to suck worse so we can get rid of them.

    • Beth says:

      Although trades after the trade deadline are possible, don't they have to clear waivers first? That's why I can't imagine being able to move someone like Upton or Shields after July 31. Otherwise, sure, it would be nice to wait until August to conclude that we're sellers.

      • Dave L says:

        I'm not close to an expert on the nuances of trading, but they always have these deadlines then signifigant trades are always made after them.

        We traded Kazmir the end of August and he was at least as valuable as a commodity as BJ and pretty close to what ole 10 hitter Shields might bring.

        I think other teams are wary of trading with AF as well. They are suspicious that if we are giving up on a guy he's somehow damaged goods like we spiked his crankcase with sawdust to pass inspection.


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