Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

The irony of tonight’s mound theatrics in the eighth inning was stunning.

Old man Davey Johnson, the Nationals manager, demanded Joel Peralta’s glove be inspected, and the umps proceeded to confiscate the glove and eject Peralta for having an unapproved substance. Then Joe Maddon had a fit because the Nationals violated some sort of BS unwritten rule of baseball by snitching on Peralta.

What a crock. One of Maddon’s stated mentors. Whitey Herzog, pulled the same kind of stunts 25 years ago to get in the head of Howard Johnson of the Mets, who then were skippered by Johnson, as well. Herzog was obsessed with confiscating Johnson’s bats to try and get in his head and figure out if he was cheating.

But now all of a sudden Peralta getting ratted out is somehow worthy of a freak out?

Maddon should have taken it like a man, instead of whining to reporters after the game that Peralta shouldn’t be “singled out” and made out to be a “bad guy” and how reporters should “take a poll” of players to see what they think of the snitch job.

You know what, Maddon, Peralta does deserve to be “singled out.” He does deserve the “bad guy” treatment from MLB, and reporters shouldn’t “take a poll” of players because fans couldn’t give a crap what the players think about cheating. You cheat, and you take your punishment and don’t cry like a preschooler. Nobody should be such a wuss to complain about getting caught or investigated. And Peralta is an idiot for doing it against his old teammates that had knowledge of his shenanigans.

Peralta, to his credit, manned up to reporters and admitted after the game that he had pine tar in his glove — and said it didn’t get there mysteriously.

Frankly, this Joe is surprised Maddon reacted the way he did. He could have had Peralta’s back and not come off like a crybaby with a twisted sense of integrity.

All that aside, it was a great 5-4 Rays win in Washington with a playoff-atmosphere feel that’s been missing for at least a couple of series.

The hottest .204 hitter in baseball, Karlos Pena, drilled a two-run beast of a bomb to center. And it’s amazing what a little production from the top of the batting order can accomplish, along with a catcher that can be respectable at the plate and not run off to feast on energy bars.





  1. Lroy10 says:

    So it's ok to have pine tar in your glove when you play for Nats but not when you play against the the Nats? Crybaby or not Maddon is right, that's some weak sauce bs.

  2. beazy says:

    Don't mistake the "Rays way" for cheating, just stretching the truth...

  3. bucyea says:

    Stick to a sport you know something about, uh well, nevermind.

  4. bucyea says:

    The Rays have been on the "wrong" side of BS calls, and have endured some chickenspit, bush-league sportsmanship from umpire crews and a few teams for YEARS. Maddon's had enough, he's showing his team they're not anybodies patsy. This coming from a Rays fan, but certainly not one of JoeMas biggest fans.

  5. don says:

    Your RightJoe....Maddon Joe tries to turn the tables on the dirty "rats" for telling on his cheater...thats shallow.....
    Remember what Maddon, Players, fans called Jeter for taking a base when he didn't get hit by on other foot...
    Be a man pays..

  6. Scoreboard!!!!

    I think baseball need a balanced schedule where we can beat up on these National League weak sisters a little more. 81 games at least! That would give the Rays, Yankees, Orioles and Red Sox about 130 wins each per season.

    I think Davey Johnson is having AL East nightmares keep him awake at night, trembling under his bedsheets.

  7. Rayalan says:

    Maddon was simply pointing out the obvious. That was the "dual" position taken by the Nationals. If they knew it and did nothing to stop while he was there then, they are just as complicit. The MLB network dealt with it last night stating rather emphatically that pine tar only assists the pitcher to grip the ball, just as it assists the batter in holding a bat. It should not be considered a banned substance since it does not change the direction or movement of the ball as other substances do. It is one of those rules that has been there for many years that baseball has chosen to ignore except for rare occasions as this one. Maddon was simply pointing out the obvious, and taking up for his player for the rather random enforcement of this rule.

  8. Dave L says:

    Some people need to brush up on their baseball history. See that brown stuff on most visible on ash bats? Guess what it is?

    Pine tar is in every Major and Minor league dug out in America.

    It is NOT a banned substance.

    Comparing it to drugs is infantile.

    All they had to do was look at the balls. If its not on the balls after he pitches then WTF.

    Thank God we have a manager that sticks up for his players.

    You think Peralta is the first guy to have pine tar on his glove??

    Did you see what the infraction was???

    "It was a significant amount of pine tar," Tschida said. "Inside [the glove], where the hand goes inside."

    Signifigant amount of Pine tar. Which means there is an acceptable minor level of Pine tar correct?

    Get off Peralta and Maddon.

    If you think Peralta deserves a 10 game suspension you aren't much of a Rays fan.

    • don says:

      I think Peralta should be the poster child for everyone who thinks the rules aren't FAIR, Anyone who can break them and get away with it should be honored...I mean Maddon says EVERYONE breaks them...why punish US?? just asking?

      • Dave L says:

        You post here everyday Don. What baseball team do you root for? Who do you want to win the game? Which team, when it wins the game makes you feel some measure of happiness?

        The Rays obviously elicit nothing but contempt and disgust from you so it can't be them.

        Pine tar isn't steroids it isn't HGH it isn't crack. Its a legal substance used by batters on thier bats to improve their grip, notice when your hated Pena is at bat he reaches up and grabs the middle of his bat? He is accessing the pine tar legally applied to his bat to help his grip.

        Maddon is obviously suggesting that if you examined every pitcher in MLB last night closely, a not insignifigant percentage would have access to some pine tar to help thier grip especially on a hot sweaty night. He is saying yes you cant have pine tar on a pitchers glove, but dont think Peralta is the only guy doing it.

        Plus i noticed in the past Peralta sweats like nobody I have ever seen, his arms are glistening the minute he takes the mound every game I have ever seen him in.

        Why any Rays fan would root for our guy to be the one made an example of for a not uncommon practice is beyond my comprehension.

        Jesus some of you people are so quick to jump down our players and mangers throats at every little thing that happens out there.

        • Don says:

          Your right Dave, "Jesus" I bet Strasburg will be taring it up tonight, he can't be that good, and Davey Johnson is a rat.there do you feel better?


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