Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Joe really had to struggle to bring himself to the keyboard after the Rays took a broom up the butt from the Royals today. The Royals!

Maybe rock bottom, yet still at 40-35, is a good place for the Rays to be. Maybe it’ll add some urgency and focus at the plate. Six walks, nine hits, a K.C. error and only four runs? That’s not an easy feat.

The immortal Burke Badenhop giving up a bomb in the home eighth for the game-winner really was a punctuation on this heinous series. Yeah, he’s the groundball pitcher, and it’s easy to second guess, but Joe would have gone with Jake McGee there. Badenhop is way too hittable.

But so it goes. The Rays now sit two games out of the cellar, with 11 games before the All-Star game to try and redefine themselves — and figure out if they have a better cleanup hitter than Brooks Conrad.




  1. Nick says:

    It was Billy Butler who hit the HR off Badenhop. Same result though. Badenhop did make 2 outstanding pitches on the outside corner rhat were called balls putting Butler ahead in the count. However the same placement was a strike in the top half of the inning. Lets facit though, no excuses the Rays are in a serious funk right now and they need to get out of it quick.

  2. Rob says:

    You’re right, 40-35 isn’t the end of the world, but only when viewed without context. 40-35 is fantastic for a team that was 33-35 seven games ago. That means they are headed up. 40-35 for the Rays, however, means they have lost six more games than they have won since they were 11 games over about three weeks ago, clearly indicating a downward trend. The problem is, I don’t think there is much upside. What can the Rays do before the AS Break to win 8 out of those next 11? I predict they hit the break with a 44-42 record and tied for last.

    • Tone says:

      With Detroit(who own the Rays) and the Yankees as their next opponents, I think one could easily expect a below .500 or .500 record by next weekend. This team is not good. If you take away the Marlins and Mariners series, they’ve played to a 16-25 record since Longoria went down. I illustrate those teams, because they are likely the only ones in the league who the Rays have faced that have played worse than the Rays during the same time period. Without Longoria this is a below .500 team. They suck.

      • Drew says:

        You mean without Longoria, Joyce, Scott, Farnsworth, and Niemann?

        • Tone says:

          Yes injuries have hurt, BIG TIME, but awful defense is not from injuries alone and that is my biggest concern for this team. Fuld and Guyer were big loses due to the insane amount of other injuries, since they were the extra depth needed to ride out the storm.

      • Ken says:

        Here’s the deal from my angle Tone. The Rays are caught in the middle of a season that has so far gone bad. Injuries have played a big part and hopefully Longo, Joyce and Scott (yes I do believe) will correct the compass some. We still have glaring weaknesses at C, SS, 2B and 1B plus a center fielder on the brink of leaving for parts unknown. The infield is in shambles and the 63 errors kills our pitching edge. What do we do?
        I think we are at a make or break, hard decision, what the hell point.
        I’ve posted this thought before: Matsui, SRod, Molina, and Pena are not answers but questions, hard questions.
        We have by league standards 7 legitimate starting pitchers if you include Niemann and Davis. All are economically manageable. Can we not offer from strength to improve weakness. And, if not now, when?

        • Tone says:

          I disagree on Pena. If you look around all of MLB, 1st base is a position most teams are struggling with. Obviously the Yanks, Sox, Reds, and White Sox are the exceptions, but those 1st baseman are outside of this team’s financial scope. Pena is not the problem with this team. The problem right now is the defense. They would have won 4 or maybe 5 more games already if the defense was on par with previous seasons(after 2007). With those extra wins, this team is in business and looking good while waiting for Longoria. This team has succeeded without a potent offense in the past(offense is down throughout the league). Pitching and defense are how this team rolls, with the latter failing in 2012. The defensive failures are why I think this team is toast. As for the trade market, I think Shields could be dealt, but it will be after the window in 2012 has closed completely.

        • Dave L says:

          I think we Rays fans overestimate what Niemann (injury prone) or Davis will bring in return. Maybe a middle infielder marginally better than Keppinger?

          Probably thats why we never pulled the trigger

  3. Pitching and defense will not carry us to the championship if we don’t get some Bats going.
    I drove to by the Stadium yesterday, Did anyone besides me notice how clean the roof is at the Trop now, after all the rains we had ?
    I look at stuff like that, especially when we aren’t winning.

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