Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Where does Joe start after this 5-2 stain against the Tigers?

The Rays make another ho-hum starter look like a star.

Karlos Pena is on pace for 200+ strikeouts.

The Rays kept their bats on their shoulders too much and were ugly with runners in scoring position.

The home field appears to mean nothing as this heinous slump continues.

Desmond Jennings dogged it down to first base on a potential double-play grounder in the fifth.

Well, at least James Shield’s 14-hitter was somewhat memorable, and 20,000+ for a Thursday is worth noting.

There’s always tomorrow.




  1. Sam says:

    Honestly, when it extends to about 2 months, I’d stop considering it a slump and start considering it a problem.

    • Tone says:

      You are correct. Slumps last a week. Other teams amid something worse than a slump are beating them handily. I think the front office knows what it has and that is why we will see more of the same. No sense in polishing a turd. Longoria is far from coming back. Once he re-injured himself, I’m sure the executives moved on to preparing for next year.

  2. Sam says:

    And that wasn’t supposed to sound like me being a jerk… more just me being frustrated.

  3. Rob says:

    Scherzer is less than a ho-hum starter. He is not good by most accounts.

  4. Tone says:

    Shields, Upton, Farnsworth, and Keppinger. Those 4 could net some prospects to help re-stock the weakness in the upper level minors. I’m not sure Pena or Scott would get anything, but another team might take them and save the Rays some money for the rest of the year. I know this will not happen soon, but after the make some trades, I hope they bring up some young players instead of making us watch a team of fringe AAAA guys. Seeing the kids test themselves against the big boys is more interesting than this nightmare.

    • Sam says:

      If the Rays wanted to deal Shields, they would have already. This is Upton’s last year on his contract, so it wouldn’t seem like he would grab much. Farnsworth is too old and Keppinger is not a huge name to get much attention. Plus the Rays FO, isn’t really known for making huge trades by the deadline or making many trades by the deadline. I remember like 2 years ago, the Rays final trade by the deadline was made for Chad Qualls, yes the guy was just DFA.

      Also, it’s tough to say what’s going on with Longoria and whether he re-injured himself. He experienced discomfort after he was in the dugout. It’s being evaluated accordingly, but this team needs more than just Longoria in the lineup.

      • Tone says:

        I did not say Upton or Keppinger would net amazing prospects, but another team might be willing to give up something, like a relief pitching prospect or someone in need of an organization change. I think the Phillies would take Farnsworth in a second, once he shows he’s healthy. I also disagree that this team needs more than Longoria. He is the definition of a clutch RBI machine and if this team had won 4 or 5 more games than they have recently, they’d be in business. August is the best case scenario. He has to resume baseball activities first and then take a rehab assignment. That is a month if he starts activities tomorrow, which he is not. If not Shields, then you’re talking about Price or a cost effective guy like Cobb or Hellickson. Shields makes the most sense.

    • Rob says:

      To make an effective trade, you have to have leverage. Nobody at the moment on this team provides the Rays with any leverage, except for Rodney. His value has never been higher and I think we could demand a mint for him. Teams always overpay for top closers. At this point the Rays no longer need a closer, so they aren’t giving much up, and if by some crazy miracle they climb back into the race, they could go to Farnsworth, Davis or bullpen by committee. They’ve done it before with success, so I don’t see any downside to trading Rodney now.

      • Rob says:

        sorry – meant closer by committee.

      • Tone says:

        Rodney has a very affordable option for 2013. He’s not going anywhere. Farnsworth comes back and pitches well, there’s your value. A good performance now, coupled with 2011′s performance, means value. Closers are a hot commodity in the NL, he’d net something.

  5. Ken says:

    Could someone please tell me who the last position player was that the front office signed as a FA or traded for that has made a significant impact on the team’s offense? Yet we all speculate (including me) that our brilliant front office is one or two trades from righting this ship.
    The investment bankers that run this club are only good at bleeding every penny they can from the citizens of the area. You don’t see them pouring any of the bailout money they got from us to save their sorry asses back into the club. Smoke and mirrors fans, that and the grit of a few, very few Rays players are the only thing separating us from our ignoble past

    • Tone says:

      Kotchman was signed to a minor league deal in 2011 and he was good. Pena was signed in 2007 and he hit 40+ bombs that year and was good in 2008 and 2009 as well. Matt Garza and Jason Bartlett were acquired for Delmon Young and garbage, which worked out fantastically. They’ve made some amazing moves and yes, some bad ones. This team is dependent on Longoria, it can survive a month without him, but most of the season without him is doom.

      • Ken says:

        Agreed on both Pena (1 year’s worth of great production) and Kotch (1 years’ worth of above average production). 2 players, 1 good or better year each then gone. Not exactly what I’d call amazing.

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