Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Every good Rays fan knows the predictably unpredictable Rays were primed for an 11-0 romp tonight after getting clobbered and swept by the Mets the past few nights.

But far more important than the rather enjoyable torture Tampa Bay forces fans to endure was the performance of Matt Moore. It wasn’t just seven innings of one-hit baseball against the Marlins, it was the return of him looking comfortable after the first time through the batting order, and Rays fans were reminded exactly how dominant he can be when he’s got command of his breaking stuff and effortlessly pounds the strike zone.

The dude once again looked like a once-in-a-generation pitcher. Brilliance.

Ben Zobrist continues to sizzle, drilling an 0-2 homer, and Joe can’t figure out exactly why teams are afraid to pitch to Karlos Pena, but his four walks/four runs line tonight helped the Rays do some serious two-out damage. Joe will take that every night from Karlos.

Joe’s going to savor this one, as Evan Longoria returns to the Durham lineup in a matter of hours.





  1. don says:

    The Rays have figured how to get Maximum production from their $7mil Man....They have told Pena To absolutely do NOT swing at a pitch unless it is an 80mph fastball down the middle that you can handle...then if you walk...its just like a hit ... except no rbi's.... but better than your usual strike out... perfect......yadaman Pena

  2. Dave L says:

    On the radio postgame on the way home from the Trop, they played a taped interview from Lehigh of Longo.

    He said the Rays are leaving the timeline for his return up to him. They are being overly cautious after the Matt Kemp situtation recently and he referred to it obliquley.

    I have been very critical of Pena but walking 4 times and scoring 4 times is a very good night in my book and I will take it.


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