Joe is back with his post-game thoughts…

OK, Joe’s not going to whine about how the Rays defense — a team groomed to be solid defensively — let down rookie pitcher Chris Archer in his major league debut.

After a shaky start — understandable — the kid pitched better than just about anyone could hope for.  Archer gave up just three hits in six innings of work and fanned seven. Wow, that’s a debut!

The two first inning unearned runs did him in, no fault of his own. After that, Archer was dominant. Archer was all but thrown to the wolves in facing Stephen Strasburg and came out smelling like a rose.

Good grief, how many pitchers can the Rays develop? It’s uncanny. Joe just wishes they could develop a hitter (sans Desmond Jennings and Dirtbag) once in a blue moon to go along with all of these arms.



  1. Dave L says:

    Joe do you really stand by last nights rabid, anti Maddon screed? That ubiquitous clubhouse pine tar use by a pitcher, is evil and Maddon is pond scum by sticking up for his player?

    Hopefully that was just a drunken after game over reaction right?

    I know I have had plenty of those. But fortunately I do not assign an internet byline to them.

  2. don says:

    Shame on you Joe, of course Maddon was right "everybody does it"....thats what I told my mom when I wanted to play in the street as a kid..she said she didn' care I wasn't going to do it...
    I'm still alive..... I quess I was lucky I didn't have Maddon asa(mother)


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