Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Joe Maddon is a master at staying positive in the face of anything. So in that tradition, this Joe will say tonight’s 4-1 beat down at the hands of the Yankees at least came with silver linings of Alex Cobb performing admirably and Desmond Jennings getting a couple of hits in the second night of his return.

Cobb really had command of his changeup and had the Yankees off-balance before he collapsed in the eighth.

And that’s pretty much where it ends.

At least it was quick.

Every team slumps at the plate, but the depth of the Rays’ nosedive is extraordinary. Or you could play Maddon and say the Rays keep running into great pitching.





  1. Tone says:

    I do not understand why Maddon let Molina come to the plate when S-Rod hit the double. Luke Scott could have been used there. Like the Memorial Day line up, this game game screamed surrender on Maddon's end. There have been quite a few "Maddon" moves that have totally bombed, yet he never gets blamed. If one of those said moves works out, he gets lauded for his "outside the box" mentality. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy he manages the team, but I do think he gets too much of a pass when things are not going well. If things are good, Maddon is praised, if things are bad, silence or "player x" is to blame. Like most of the hitters and the defense, I think Maddon has been in a funk too. Plus, he is the leader and if he gets credit for success, he should also get credit for the failures.

  2. Joe says:

    I was saying last night that we better not let Nova be the next Humber. Well, we did. Instead of hitting him around like all teams, we made him look like quite the pitcher.

    I love Jennings and I like Upton in his walk year but as much as I like having DJ back, I knew he could not carry the team, we need our big boy back and hopefully the Rays don't send him on a 2 week rehab. A week at most, he looks good when they show him swinging, fielding and even running and we obviously need him.

    It's been oddly quiet on the Keppinger and Farnsworth fronts...

  3. Mark says:

    Rodriguez=227,Scott=222,Zobrist=203,Pena=203,Molina=189,Matsui=150. Derek Shelton = poison...copied from Fire Derek Shelton facebook page.

    • Joe says:

      Some of those are deceiving as Matsui is crushing the ball but right to fielders.

      What in the world is going on with Zobrist and Scott? Zo walks a lot but it must be out of luck because it looks like he can't even see up there. I didn't expect a batting title from Scott but I didn't think he was another Pena either, I thought he would hit around .250 at least.

      Right about where S-Rod, Pena and Molina would be expected to be, unfortunley.


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