Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

It’s hard not to overreact when you see the Rays fail in all phases of the game.

Aside from getting blanked 7-0 by the hated Yankees tonight, the Rays inched closer to the AL lead in errors, the deep, deep batting slump continued, and Joe’s probably not the only one starting to wonder whether the James Shields of 2011 was an anomaly. Nothing worse than serving up an 0-2 fastball for grand slam like Shields did tonight. That almost qualifies as more than just “a mistake.”

Ben Zobrist’s troubles also found his glove with two errors while his average dropped to .203.

Yeah, “it’s early.” But Joe hates that take on the heels of a season in which every game mattered.

It’s certainly not too early for most of the Rays to raise their batting averages up from embarassing depths.





  1. Michael says:

    This was what I like to call a "complete loss"

    Terrible defense, a James Shields whoopsie, and absolutely no offense.

    Elliot Johnson needs to take a seat. You cannot tell me that Reid Brignac could be worse. I refuse to believe it. And Briggy has more upside.

  2. Ken says:

    Back to the drawing board Joe. This loss exemplified every thing wrong with this team. How you gonna get them back to the "right" side of playing Raysball?

  3. ChrisFromNaples says:

    The second Elliot Johnson started taking credit for being slightly better, he sh*t the bed. Pretty funny.. sad.. but funny.

  4. Cory says:

    Keep worrying about average like the plebeian you are.

  5. Joe says:

    How the bleep are we still in 1st? Seriously, someone tell me how this error prone, no offense team is in 1st. Not to mention, while Moore is improving, he can still get those nerves going, Cobb honestly only looked good against Atlanta, but he did make pitches when he had to against Boston before showing zero command against Chicago. And the worst part is Shields, Mr. Consistent, opening day starter, started 5-0 and when on an 8 inning 0/1 ER run and all the sudden is looking more and more like the 2010 Shields, the biggest problem I see is he how confident he was last year and to start this year and now hes more "hopeful" his pitches work out and he can hardly hide how much the errors are getting to him.

    So back to the original question. We have Price, Hellickson, the bullpen and Joyce but how are we even a winning team, let alone, close to the best in the AL?

    Please make me look dumb tomorrow, Cobb. And no more Humber's, Nova has been terrible lately, continue that trend, don't let him find himself. I live in NY and have to listen to YES, I can't tell you how much worse that is when the Yankees are winning.

    PS: All the sudden, we can fall to 3rd tomorrow so Cobb, no pressure but you better win.

  6. don says:

    "Big Game" James becomes "batting practice" James as soon as he sees a yankee uniform, he was in complete Awe in the 1st as the melt down developed..
    Maybe Rookie (Corn) Cobb can show the two "Aces" (shields & Price ) Yankee stadium doesn't scare him....
    ALmost Forgot... our "gold Glove" first baseman can't catch a ball on the first bounce..hit him right in the glove...


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